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We run in or around Bergen, Norway every  Wednesday  at  7 PM  all year round!

Next BH3 run
 Date:14 October 2015
 Hare: Abominator
Next BH3 event
 Date:12 December 2015
 Event: 20th Christmas run

If you are looking for a RUNNING-ONLY-CLUB, we might not be quite the ticket - If you are looking for a RUNNING-AND-DRINKING-CLUB, READ ON!

The weekly runs usually start from the hare's abode no later than 7 PM (or whenever and wherever the hare decides) every Wednesday. Between spring and early autumn runs might start from different locations, usually somewhere in the sticks. The hare always sends information about the starting point through the BH3 Yahoo group. Runs during our events always start from locations other than the hare’s abode. The details are sent through the BH3 Yahoo group.

Please note that hashers DO NOT meet at the old assembly point at the car park behind Comfort Hotel Holberg on Nordnes any more before heading for the staging point.

If you wish to run with us and you are not sure where the run starts from, you are advised either to:

A typical BH3 run can last up to 2 hours or longer if we have many drink-stops. We only lay one trail, which usually is cunningly laid to cater both for Walkie Talkies and FRBs. Drink stops are welcome sights on our runs, either at a pub or as an improvised mobile affair. After the run, the Hare supplies all condiments for the circle and usually provides a light supper for the pack at his or her abode. As we no longer have a Beer Master, Hashers bring their own beer for any after-run drinking on our regular runs.

So far, in 2015, we have completed 51 runs and the size of our pack has varied between 7 and 63 hashers with an average of 21 hashers per run.

Everyone who has not paid the yearly membership fee, will Pay-As-They-Go-Whenever-They-Show! The first run is free, after that, the fee is NOK 40 per run. All proceeds are put back into BH3 and have usually been used to sponsor the Killer Hill weekend (if need be) and our Christmas run.

In addition, the Hare will usually charge NOK 50 to cover the after-run nosh, beer for the circle and any mobile drink stop. Hashers pay for their own beer at drink stops at pubs.

If you would like to try hashing in Bergen, please feel free to contact one of us for more information. See the Mismanagement for email addresses. If you are wondering what this hashing lark is all about, check here for more details.

Please feel free to copy anything from the BH3 Web site. If you do copy pictures - a link to these pages would be appreciated.

Incidentally, Norwegian visitors may wonder why these pages are not available in Norwegian. -Well, that is just the way it is in the Hashing world - Everything is in English.

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