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If you do decide to join us on a run (or runs) then please note the following:
  • If you are run over by a tram or a bus, or you fall over and hurt yourself, or you fall of a mountain, or you get into a fight at a drink stop having drunk too much of the amber liquid, then by Norwegian standards it is your own fault and no fault of the hare or any committee; i.e. in Norway adults are as a general rule responsible for their own actions.
  • You might be caught on camera by Hash Flash, and the resulting picture published on the Web. Anyone who is of the opinion that a picture portrays them in a rather dubious light can request the Web Master to remove the offending picture or have it moved to the ‘Members only’ pages.
  • The information presented on www.bh3.org is always right. If there is a perceived discrepancy between www.bh3.org and reality then rest assured; this is proof that reality really is warped!

Despite or because of the above, we always have a jolly spiffing time on our runs and nothing ever dampens our spirits!

The Safe Haven for Bergen Hash House Harriers

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