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Mjølfjell is on the Bergen-Oslo railway line, between 2h 16min (no changes) and approx. 3h (1 change) from Bergen by train.

How to get there?
Mjølfjell can only be reached by car or by train. Mjølfjell is approx. 135 kilometres by road from Bergen (E16, Rv13 and Fv307) and baring delays, it takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes to get there by car.

Check the Norwegian State Railways' (NSB) web site for information and tickets.


In need of more information?
If you know a BH3 hasher, you can contact him/her for information. You can find contact information (e-mail addresses) to some mis-management members on a few of our web pages. You will need to be a member of our Facebook group to communicate with us via this channel.

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