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The run starts approx. 15 kilometres by car from the City Centre in the general direction of Flesland Airport (see map below).

How to get there?
Either try to hitch a ride with a local hasher or catch a bus.

  • Either catch bus #51 from 'Bergen busstasjon' (the Main Bus Station) bus stop J and after approx. 17 minutes change to bus #52 signposted to 'Grimstad' at 'Søreide skole'. After approx. 3 minutes, alight at 'Hammersland'.
  • Or catch bus #50E from 'Bergen busstasjon' (the Main Bus Station) bus stop E and after approx. 25 minutes change to bus #52 signposted to 'Grimstad' at 'Dolvik terminal'. After approx. 5 minutes, alight at 'Hammersland'.
  • If bus #52 does not run, it takes about 15 minutes to walk from either 'Dolvik terminal' or 'Søreide skole'.

Once at 'Hammersland' walk approx. 45 metres in the same direction as the bus travelled, turn left up the hill, continue for approx. 170 metres before turning right. The hares abode is the first house on the right hand.

Link to map showing the walk from the bus stop (1) to the hare's abode (2), Dolvik terminal (3) and 'Søreide skole' (4).
The bus stop seen on Google Earth
The starting point seen from the air on Google Earth
Link to the bus company's web page with their route planer (in Norwegian).

In need of more information?
If you know a BH3 hasher, you can contact him/her for information. You can find contact information (e-mail addresses) to some mis-management members on a few of our web pages. You will need to be a member of our Yahoo and Facebook groups to communicate with us via these channels.

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