Event photo album - The Safe Haven for Bergen Hash House Harriers

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Event photo album

Shortcuts to the True Trail

NORTH SEA HASH photo albums

The slideshow below displays 12 randomly selected pictures taken (mostly) by Foggy Glasses.
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Event: 1st North Sea Hash Weekend * 21st - 23rd January 1999 * North Shields, England
Run: #123

Having to do something special for run #123; we set off across the North Sea to have the run in North Shields in England. No trail was laid beforehand because the Newcastle Hashers probably didn't want their pants run of by the visiting Viking Hashers. But we had a map entitled 'The Real Ale Trail' and used it to navigate our way to 4 pubs thereby setting a new standard for BH3 runs! We had the circle on the aft deck on the return journey. This was yet another first for BH3.

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