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Shortcuts to the True Trail

The Yahoo mailing group has served us well since it was set up in 2005. However, it will close down on 15 December 2020. Most hares have taken to posting information on the (closed) BH3 Facebook group making it our main source of communication.

In the mean time, most hares either take a chance using Yahoo or post information on the (closed) BH3 Facebook group.

BH3 Hashers maintained their own lists of BH3 email addresses that were used to send emails to fellow BH3 Hashers. Over the years, this gave rise to a few challenges:

  • Dropouts were not removed from mailing lists
  • New BH3 Hashers were not added to mailing lists
  • When BH3 Hashers changed their email addresses, the old addresses were still used

Also, any BH3 Hasher using more than one email system, e.g. one at work and one at home, had to maintain multiple email mailing lists thereby increasing the possibility for errors.

In order to offer an easy solution to these challenges, a BH3 discussion group that, among other things, provides forwarding of emails to members of the group, was set up on the Web.

You can either ...
Check the BH3 Yahoo Yahoo Group

Or ...
Request to join the BH3 Yahoo Yahoo Group

How to join? Read on (not updated since written in 2005) ... /myInclude/myImages/pdf.gif
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