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What are the BH3 statistics?

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The 'Run statistics' menu contains the *OFFICIAL* BH3 statistics from the founding of BH3 in September 1996. All the yearly statistics contain Hasher's name, handle and category as well as the number of runs the individual has chalked up. Hashers are divided into the following categories:

  • Member: BH3 member with 10 or more runs last 12 months
  • Lazy Member: BH3 member with less than 10 runs last 12 months
  • Drop out: A sometime-BH3 member who has not run for at least 1 years
  • Visitor: Belongs to another Kennel
  • Guest: Does not belong to any Kennel and observed on less than 10 runs

Being a small club, the turnout on runs has on average been 14 Hashers since September 1996 and an average of 25 hashers in 2024. After runs, the hare provides a light supper for the pack. This info has been regularly recorded from run #110, so Nosh-info is only shown from 1998.

Every Wednesday the weekly runs usually start from the hare's abode at 7 p.m. Check our 'Join us' page for details.

A typical BH3 run can last up to 2 hours or longer if we have multiple drink-stops. We usually only lay one trail, which is cunningly laid to cater for both walkers and runners.

After the run, the Hare supplies condiments for the circle and provides a light supper for the pack. We no longer have a Beer Master, so on regular runs, Hashers bring their own beer for after-run drinking.
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