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Receding hare line

Shortcuts to the True Trail

An update on BH3 activities in these coronavirus times

With the easing of the lockdown restrictions, the Corona Exec. Committee has decided that BH3 can move back to a more normal way of organising weekly runs. However, there are a few provisos:

  • Stay at home if you feel under the weather
  • The hare decides whether to serve nosh or not, taking into account the current recommendations from the health authorities (FHI)
  • Only hashers on official runs are eligible to run points

The G.M. is our regular hare-raiser and asks for volunteers during/after runs when the list of future hares gets low. If you would like to try your hand at organising a run, contact the G.M. or On-Sec on one of our runs. Check HERE for information about markings etc.

5 Aug#1520Guinea Pig, Hara Kari and Foggy Glasses 
12 Aug#1521Mata Hari and Dog Handler 
19 Aug#1522Comes Every Time
22 Aug#152319th Scuba Hash
23 Aug#152419th Scuba Hash
26 Aug#1525
2 Sep#1526
9 Sep#1527Bubbles
16 Sep#1528Muff Diver
23 Sep#1529
26 Sep#153012th Mjølfjell Hash
27 Sep#153112th Mjølfjell Hash
30 Sep#1532
7 Oct#1533
14 Oct#1534
21 Oct#1535
28 Oct#1536
4 Nov#1537
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