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Killer Hill information

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The Killer Hill is now FULLY BOOKED!
You can still register but you will be added to the WAITING LIST!

We have space for 55 Hashers at the 2022 Killer Hill Weekend
So far 62 Hashers have registered
Dates:  27th to 29th May 2022
Mountain:  Lyderhorn (396 m.a.s.l. - 1,299 ft.) - fly over the mountain using Google Earth
Registration:  FULLY BOOKED
Registration fee:  NOK 1700
Payment info:  PLEASE NOTE that the payment deadline is on the 15th of February 2022
Click to view the bank information or click to copy the bank information.
Venue:  Crash space Friday to Sunday at Bergen Ungdomslag Ervingen
  • Three runs
  • All the beer you can drink except Friday night pub-crawl which is Pay-As-You-Go
  • Food (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • Crash space at the venue Friday to Sunday
  • One or two goodies (usually a t-shirt)
Party Theme:  Cowgirls and Hillbillies
Photo albums:  2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997
If you want your registration updated - or cancelled - please drop a line with all relevant information to the Killer Hill contact e-mail address. An alternative is sending an e-mail to the Grand Master.

The schedule in detail

Please note that all times below are approximate and might be adjusted if need be during the Killer Hill Weekend!

Friday 27th May 2022
From 6 p.m.: Congregate at the pub-crawl starting point at HUSET PUB in Vestre Torggaten 20A
  • The pub is located close to the City Centre and is a short walk from the central bus station, railway station and the various harbours in Bergen.
  • Hashers can leave luggage at the pub-crawl starting point from 6 p.m. and collect it after the run, as the pub-crawl is an A to A run.
7 p.m.: Pub-crawl starts from HUSET PUB
  • The pub-crawl usually takes us to (at least) three pubs, where we enjoy some golden brew. Beer is ridiculously expensive in Norway and starts at somewhere around NOK 75 at cheaper pubs (if you ask for half a litre you will usually only get 0.4 of a litre). Imported brew is always more expensive than the local brew.
10:00 p.m.: Bus transport from HUSET PUB to the 2022 Killer Hill Weekend venue
  • After the pub-crawl, everyone (including luggage) will be transport from HUSET PUB to the venue by bus.
  • DO NOT BE LATE, as the bus does NOT wait
10:30 p.m.: Return to the venue
  • The pack arrives at the 2022 Killer Hill Weekend venue for beer, perhaps a CIRCLE (if the R.A. is up to it), beer, supper and party
Saturday 28th May 2022
From 8 a.m.: Good morning!
  • Start the day with beer; apply sunscreen, beer, some brunch washed down with beer
10:30 a.m.: Departure from the venue for the bus stop
  • The bus heading for the 2022 Killer Hill Weekend run departs from the bus stop at 10:45 a.m.
12 a.m.: 2022 Killer Hill Weekend run commences!
  • The bus will drop us off at the start of the run
  • Previous Killer Hill Weekend runs have lasted up to 5 hours and included a few drink stops and a packed lunch (sandwiches) during the run
5 p.m.: Completed!
  • Bus transport from the 2022 Killer Hill Weekend ON-INN back to the venue
5:30 p.m.: Return to the venue
  • The pack arrives back at the 2022 Killer Hill Weekend venue for beer, CIRCLE, followed by lots of beer
7:30 p.m.: Relax!
  • Dinner, beer, more beer and then party 'till you drop, even more beer
Sunday 29th May 2022
From 9 a.m.: Good morning!
  • Beer, breakfast, treat your hangover with a beer
11 a.m.: Hangover run
  • As tradition decrees, the first two Hashers to go to bed on Saturday will lay the hangover run
  • After the run: beer, CIRCLE and more beer (if there is any left)
1 p.m.: BBQ
  • We start clearing the rooms before eating and drinking what is left of the food and beer
3 p.m.: GO HOME!!!!
  • Please note that there is no organised transport after the hangover run. We always strive to get visitors to the airport if their flight leaves before we have to vacate the venue. Anyone going to Bergen by bus should consider catching bus number 53, which goes to Bergen City Centre or you could catch the tram from Birkelandsskiftet. Otherwise, you could always try to hitch a ride with a local Hasher, or have someone collect you from the venue.

The mountain

Lyderhorn (396 m.a.s.l. - 1,299 ft.)
Photo by Foggy Glasses (20 August 2015)31
Conquered by BH3 on runs #143 #600 #1063 #1509

Lyderhorn is the westernmost of the seven City Mountains. It has a characteristic shape and has long been used as a navigational mark for vessels sailing along the coast off Bergen. In the middle Ages it was also one of the places in Norway where witches would gather on Walpurgisnacht and Midsummer Eve.

Among the trails leading to the summit, perhaps the easiest (and certainly the longest) trail starts at NUTEC and leads through the abandoned costal fortress at Kvarven. The other six City Mountains are all visible from Lyderhorn, and on clear days it is possible to see oil installations far out in the North Sea, as are the mountains and glacier Folgefonnen in Hardanger to the east.

Fly over Lyderhorn using Google Earth

The venue

The 2022 venue is a cabin rented from a Bergen youth organisation, i.e. nothing grand, which is located at Grimseidvegen 375, 5239 RÅDAL. This is the same venue we have been at since 2006, so returning hashers will know what is awaiting them.

All hashers will have crash space somewhere at the venue from Friday to Sunday. For the 2022 Weekend, there will be a committee in charge of bed-allocations on a first-register-first-serve basis for visiting hashers. Any free beds after the registration has closed will be allocated local hashers on a first-register-first-serve basis. All beds have mattresses and some beds even have duvets and pillows. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and it is also worth considering bringing your own bed linen to cover the mattress. Please note that there is no bedding rental service at the venue. You will need to bring a towel if you plan to shower or go for a swim in the ocean/fjord during the Weekend.

Local hashers and any hang-around will camp on the lawn next to the cabin if there are not enough beds to go around. Click on the picture (right) for an overview of where tents can be pitched.

  • Distance from the airport: approx. 6 kilometres
  • Distance from the City centre: approx. 16 kilometres
  • Map showing venue
  • Fly over the venue using Google Earth

Traveling by car

Address: Grimseidvegen 375, 5239 RÅDAL

The roads leading to the venue are narrow and winding and in most places not wide enough for two cars to pass. If you drive from the City Centre, this LINK shows the approx. 4.9 kilometre route from LAGUNEN, a shopping centre just over halfway between the City Centre and the Airport. This LINK shows the approx. 4.9 kilometre route if you are heading to the venue from the general area around the Airport.

The lane leading to the venue is easily missed, as can be seen HERE leading right if you drive from Lagunen and HERE leading left if you drive in the opposite direction.

Please note that the lane leading to the venue is closed off by a barrier which cannot be opened until we receive the key to the venue, usually on (pub-crawl) Friday. There is no organised transport from the venue to the City Centre on Friday. To get to town by public transport, you can try either to hitch a lift to the nearest tram stop (approx. 4.8 kilometres from the venue) from a hasher with a car at the venue or walk to the nearest bus stop (approx. 1.2 kilometres from the venue) to catch bus #53 to Birkelandsskiftet where you change to the tram heading into town. There is a bus stop a bit closer to the venue where bus #65 stops, but it used to have a very patchy service and not really worth considering.

If you do not have the local bus company's app installed on your mobile phone, you can (probably) purchase a bus ticket (at a price) from the driver. Check "Public transport from the airport" (below) for details about tickets.

Traveling by boat

If you travel either by Hurtigruten or the ferry from Hirtshals in Denmark, you arrive at Nøstekaien, which is approximately 725 metres from the kick-off meeting point.

If you travel by express boat from different parts of the West Coast of Norway to Bergen, you will arrive close to the City Centre at Strandkaiterminalen, which is also approximately 725 metres from the kick-off meeting point.

Traveling by train or bus

If you travel to Bergen by train or by bus, you will arrive in more or less the same part of the City Centre, either at the main railway station (1 on the map) or next door at the central bus station (2 on the map). They are approx. 820 metres from the kick-off meeting point (3 on the map).

Click HERE to display the map.

Traveling by plane

Flights arrive at Flesland flyplass located approx. 17 kilometres to the south of the City Centre.

As a rule, we advise visitors arriving on Friday to head for the City Centre rather than heading for the venue. Although the venue is only approximately 6 kilometres from the airport:

  • There are no direct bus links from the Airport to the venue
  • There will probably not be anyone at the venue when you arrive
  • You must find the local bus stop which is approximately 1.2 kilometres from the venue to catch a bus to the City Centre

Public transport from airport

Check HERE for more information posted by Avinor (Norwegian Airport Authority).

Airport terminal
Domestic flights arrive and depart from a new terminal building whilst international flights arrive and depart mostly from what used to be the old terminal building. The two terminals are connected by a walkway.

A tram station is situated one floor below ground level in the terminal forecourt. The journey between the Airport and the City Centre takes approx. 44 minutes by tram and trams run between 5:45 a.m. and 4 a.m. depending on day of the week. Check the timetable (in Norwegian) HERE for more details.

There is a local bus service to/from the Airport but this is not recommended because it (probably) takes longer than the tram and you must change buses at least once, and all for the same price as taking the tram.

An Airport Express Coach stops just outside the terminal building. See below for more details.

Tickets for trams and local buses
Ticket vending machines found at all tram stations and at some bus stops, only accept coins and credit cards. You can buy all ticket types from the driver if you have a Skyss Travelcard. Drivers accept cash but not bank cards. Single tickets purchased from a ticket vending machine or by using the bus company's app ("Skyss billett") costs NOK 39. The app probably only works if you have a Norwegian bank account and a mobile with a Norwegian phone number. Please note that you CANNOT buy tickets on trams, they have to be purchased before boarding the tram. Please also note that a ticket is only valid for 90 minutes after purchasing - SO - you cannot stock up with single tickets for the whole weekend. Once on the tram or bus validate the ticket by holding it against a ticket reader found near the doors, until it beeps, chuckles and happily flashes green lights at you. Anyone without a valid ticket is liable to be fined NOK 950 if you pay on the spot or NOK 1150 if you choose to pay later.

In addition to single tickets, the bus/tram operator also offers 7-day season tickets, 30-day season tickets, 180-day season tickets and 24-hour tickets. Click HERE for information about tickets and prices.

Airport Express Coach
"Flybussen" operate Airport Express Coaches between the Airport and the City Centre. They offer a fast service with no stops before the City Centre (signposted "Direkte") and a slower service, with a few stops on route to the City Centre. They cost the same and stop at the same stops in the City Centre, but one takes a bit longer getting to the City Centre than the other does. Tickets can be purchased either on the bus or pre-purchased by either using the bus company's app (in Norwegian) or in some periods of the day, from uniformed sales-persons at the most used stops in the City Centre and at the bus stop outside the Airport terminal building. You can purchase tickets and find time tables on the company's web site. Prices from the airport and City Centre (main bus station):

Fares from January 2020
Purchased before boarding:NOK 119NOK 199

Last but not least, you can catch a taxi from the taxi rank just outside the main terminal building at the airport to the City Centre (at a price).

Transport during the weekend

There will be transport after the Friday pub-crawl from the City Centre to the venue. The bus departs from the kick-off meeting point at approx. 10:00 p.m. following the pub-crawl, which will be an A-2-A run. The bus usually departs on time so do not be late otherwise, you could be left behind!

On Saturday, there will be transport from the venue to and from the Killer Hill run.

If you need transport from the venue on Sunday, please inform the GM during the weekend. This year we aim to book (at least) two maxi-taxis (approx. 12 people per taxi) to transport hashers from the venue to the airport. If you need to get to the City Centre, you can catch a tram from the airport to the City Centre.

Please note that the weekend fee does not cover the cost of the taxis.

Weekend kick-off point

In the time-honoured Killer Hill tradition, the weekend meeting point is at 'Huset Pub' in Bergen Travel Hotel located in Vestre Torggaten 20A. Gather in the pub from 6 p.m. on Friday 27th May, although thirsty hashers can turn up whenever they like after 12 a.m., when the pub opens!

A local hasher knows the staff and on previous weekends has arranged storage of luggage in the pub cellar from 6 p.m. for Friday pub-crawl Hashers who head for the Pub loaded with luggage. Hopefully, the same will be possible this year.

After the Friday pub-crawl

After the pub-crawl, the pack gathers at the weekend kick-off meeting point to pick up any luggage left at the pub. The bus departs from the kick-off meeting point at approx. 10:00 p.m. The bus usually departs on time so do not be late otherwise, you could be left behind!

The Friday evening registration at the venue is a relaxed and laid-back affair. We intend to have names on doors and a list at the information desk showing where everyone is billeted. Hash Cash usually sets up shop on Saturday to complete any outstanding transactions and our Haberdasher hands out the weekend goodies in time for the Saturday run.

All hashers will have crash space somewhere at the venue from Friday to Sunday, either in a bed or in a tent. Because there are fewer beds than participants, all BH3 hashers and visiting late-cummers will be in tents. A symbol (a bed or a tent) on the Who's Cummin list shows where you will be billeted at the venue.

The Saturday Killer Hill run

This is what we are all here for - we vacate the venue at approx. 10:30 a.m. on Saturday and head for a bus stop 600 metres from the venue where a bus will be waiting for us. The bus will drop us off at the start of the run.

Hashers prepare their own packed lunch Saturday morning, and together with any water and change of clothes, carry it themselves on the run. We eat lunch at the second drink-stop, usually on the Killer Hill Mountain summit. As of late, the hares have distributed the drink-stop beer among hashers to carry on the run.

The Saturday party theme

The following 4 themes were proposed at the 2020 A.G.M. to decide upon:
- 1001 Arabian Nights - received 4 votes
- Bay Watch - received 3 votes
- Hawaii Beach Party - received 0 vote
- Cowgirls and Hillbillies - received an overwhelming 14 votes

So ... the Winner is Cowgirls and Hillbillies

What to bring with you

Sleeping bag
All beds come with mattresses but no duvets or pillows. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and it is also worth considering bringing bed linen to cover the mattress. Please note that there is no bedding rental service at the venue. You will certainly need your sleeping bag if you are in a tent!

Warm clothing
Temperatures can drop by 10°C after sunsets, so cum prepared for anything if you wish to spend some time outdoors at the venue. In 2019, the minimum temperature was 5.0°C (Sunday morning) and the maximum temperature was 14.1°C (Friday afternoon). Maximum temperatures at Killer Hill weekends have varied between 9.8°C and 28.9°C with an average temperature of 16.1°C.

If you think you will carry items on the run, e.g. change of clothes, water, packed lunch etc., it is good idea to bring a light rucksack with you.

Other essentials
You will need to bring a towel if you plan to shower or go for a swim in the ocean/fjord during the Weekend. Some would say Norway is rather archaic regarding what can legally be brought into the country. Check the official list HERE.

Food preferences/allergies

Any food preferences or allergies included in the registration form will be passed on to the Kitchen Committee to help them plan the Weekend nosh.

Daylight - what to expect

Friday 27th May4:41 a.m.10:31 p.m.17:50
Saturday 28th May4:39 a.m.10:33 p.m.17:54
Sunday 29th May4:37 a.m.10:35 p.m.17:58

Weather forecast

Bergen has a reputation as being rather damp, which of course is a blatant lie. Keep abreast of the Killer Hill Weekend weather by checking the long-term (9 days) forecast HERE. If you let statistics rule your life, then check this site.

Contacts and information

If you have any question, queries or information you would like to share with us, please do not hesitate to contact one of the following:

- Grand Master
- Hash Cash Hara Kari

If you get lost during the Killer Hill Weekend, you can try phoning the BH3 GM:
(0047) 922 63 800

Please note that the information will be added as soon as it becomes available.

A few POI in Bergen

Click HERE for a web site that calls itself 'The Official website for Bergen and the region'.
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