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Run information

Run: 1512
Date: 13 June 2020
Weather: Overcast and warm
Happening: Sotra Picnic Run
Destination: Algerøy
Runners: 15 (supported by 2 pooches)
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Headless Headless BH3Member 
Must To Bait Her Must To Bait Her BH3Member 

Foggy Glasses Foggy Glasses BH3Member 
Abominator Abominator BH3Member 
Dr Butt Dr Butt BH3Member 
Comes Every Time Comes Every Time BH3Member 
Dog Handler Dog Handler BH3Member 
Mata Hari Mata Hari BH3Member 
Guinea Pig Guinea Pig BH3Member 
Bottle Dodger Bottle Dodger BH3Member 
Check Me Out Check Me Out BH3Member 
Lost Genie Lost Genie Hashemite H3Visitor 
Hash Horror Hash Horror BH3Lazy member 
Taliban Taliban BH3Lazy member 
Just Marius Just MariusGuest 
Wee Fighting Bitch Wee Fighting Bitch BH3Member 
White Arse White Arse BH3Member 

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