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Join us on a run

Shortcuts to the True Trail

An update on BH3 activities in these coronavirus times

With the easing of the lockdown restrictions, the Corona Exec. Committee has decided that BH3 can move back to a more normal way of organising weekly runs. However, there are a few provisos:

  • Stay at home if you feel under the weather
  • The hare decides whether to serve nosh or not, taking into account the current recommendations from the health authorities (FHI)
  • Only hashers on official runs are eligible to run points

A typical BH3 run can last up to 2 hours or longer if we have multiple drink-stops. We only lay one trail, which is usually cunningly laid to cater for both walkers and runners.

After the run, the Hare supplies condiments for the circle and provides a light supper for the pack. We no longer have a Beer Master, so on regular runs, Hashers bring their own beer for after-run drinking.

The run fee is NOK 10 on our regular Wednesday runs, which is paid to the hare who transfers all funds to Hash Cash.

Hashers can choose to pay an annual membership fee of NOK 500, which from 2020 covers the nosh and booze served at the A.G.M. and Christmas runs in addition to a slightly reduced Killer Hill fee. Hashers who decide not to pay the yearly membership fee, pay for the nosh and booze served at A.G.M. and Christmas runs and pay the full Killer Hill fee. All proceeds go to BH3 and are used to sponsor some of our activities.

In addition, the Hare charges NOK 50 to cover the after-run nosh, beer for the circle and any mobile drink stop.

Hashers pay for their own beer at pub drink stops.

We might be difficult to get hold of, especially during the summer break (between mid-June and mid-August) and around Christmas and New Year. We do not have a single point of contact and e-mails or SMS' sent directly to members might go unanswered during these periods.

We run every Wednesday at 7 p.m. We do not have a regular meeting point, as most runs start from the hare's abode. Hares do not usually post details about runs on the Yahoo group and sometimes on our closed Facebook group, until the day of the run because BH3 hashers know where all other hashers live.

Sometimes, detailed information about the run is posted on the receding hare line page (the red markers).

If you wish to run with us or you would like some more information:
  • You could try to contact our GM (details linked to the two icons to the right of the GM's name): CLICK for contact info

If you do not get any response, you can try to:
  • Check for messages from the hare on our Yahoo group: CLICK for messages
  • Or turn up at the (hopefully) designated starting point: hare's abode for the hare's abode
  • Or check our (closed) Facebook group

As a last resort, you could send an e-mail to the Web Master, who will hopefully answer.

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