Killer Hill Song - The Safe Haven for Bergen Hash House Harriers

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Killer Hill Song

Shortcuts to the True Trail

Melody - She'll be comin' round the Mountain
By - Troubadurix, Odense-Nyborg Hash House Harriers
As - Performed by the pack on Sandviksfjellet

We are going up the mountain one more time
Sandviksfjellet is the one we have to climb.
This year we run number thirteen
with a lot of "shiggy" dirt in
going on another Killer Hilly Run.

Singing ON-ON, that's our singing call
Singing ON-ON, watch the swinging balls
We have lots of drunks and flashers
running with the Bergen Hashers
going on another Killer Hilly Run.

Here in Bergen you will normally get wet.
But the weather is as good as it can get.
So we're just in shorts and sneakers,
even got a pair of streakers
going on another Killer Hilly Run.


At the Irish Pub we have a lot of beer
and the people think that some of us are queer
flashing buttocks to the tourists,
they most certainly got nourished
witnessing another Killer Hilly Run.


Going up the hill can really be quite tough,
you can see some hashers rattle, shake and cough.
Don't mistake the funny spasms,
they are donating orgasms
going on another Killer Hilly Run.


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