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Run information

Run: 1728
Date: 17 January 2024
Weather: Snow and sunny
Happening: Tripple baptism: Uncle's Pleasure, Frame my Hole, Sneaky Finger
Destination: Abode - Hara Kari
Runners: 29
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Hara Kari Hara Kari BH3Member 
Bambi Bambi BH3Member 

Foggy Glasses Foggy Glasses BH3Member 
Abominator Abominator BH3Member 
Comes Every Time Comes Every Time BH3Member 
Dr Butt Dr Butt BH3Member 
Dog Handler Dog Handler BH3Member 
Yogi Yogi BH3Member 
Guinea Pig Guinea Pig BH3Member 
Muff Diver Muff Diver BH3Member 
Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet BH3Member 
Bottle Dodger Bottle Dodger BH3Member 
Check Me Out Check Me Out BH3Member 
More For Less More For Less BH3Member 
Lost Genie Lost Genie BH3Member 
Horse Pegasus Horse Pegasus BH3Member 
Viking Vixen Viking Vixen BH3Member 
Confusius Confusius BH3Member 
A Nutella A Nutella BH3Member 
BBC BBC BH3Member 
Latex Hoe Latex Hoe BH3Member 
Prick Prick Prick Prick BH3Member 
Spanish Flew Spanish Flew BH3Lazy member 
Just Anette SK Just Anette SK BH3Member 
Handjob Handjob BH3Member 
Just Brit Just Brit BH3Lazy member 
Just Eirik Just Eirik BH3Lazy member 
Just Kathrine Just KathrineGuest 
Just Vibeke Just VibekeGuest 

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