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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #1155 - Wednesday 24 September 2014
  • Destination: Fjellveien
  • Hare: Little White Bus
  • In the pack: Foggy Glasses, Abominator, Dr Butt, Flasher, Comes Every Time, Camp Toilet, Bottle Dodger, Lost Genie, Muff Diver, Doggy Style, Hara Kari, Guinea Pig, Horse Pegasus, Teacher's Pet, Aahlouette, Just Ann Christin, Just Torstein and Just Eirik
  • Your scribe: Foggy Glasses

Was the first time Little White Bus laid a run with BH3 and introduced markings a-la Oslo H3. After some initial confusion, the pack got savvy to the markings and had an excellent run on a rather damp autumn evening. Being Little White Bus' birthday run, an Akevitt drink stop plus a double drink stop at a pub was on offer. After an indoor circle, some excellent nosh was washed down with some beer.
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