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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #1228 - Wednesday 18 November 2015
  • Destination: Starefossen
  • Hare: Horse Pegasus
  • In the pack: Foggy Glasses, Flasher, Comes Every Time, Mata Hari, Camp Toilet, Muff Diver, Hara Kari, Guinea Pig, Bambi, Check Me Out, Hash Cock, Teacher's Pet, Kangooclit, Just Trond, Just Paul and Just Nancy
  • Pooches: White Arse and Just Laps
  • Your scribe: Foggy Glasses

A regular sized pack, including a virgin, turned up for the run from the hare's new abode. The trail took us the 'standard' way around Store Lungegård Lake and on up-up toward Svartediket dam. From there we had a step climb in the direction of Starefossen. All enjoyed the view of Bergen with the museum on Nygårdshøyden all lit up in red, white and blue, on the descent back to the City Centre. We recuperated with a double drink stop at 'Minibar' in Kong Oskar gate before heading for the On-Inn. The closing ceremony, including the sight of a Harriette sans undies on a bag of ice cubes celebrating her 100th run, was conducted next to St. Jacob's Church. The evening was rounded off with some excellent and warming nosh washed down with beer.
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