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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #1264 - Wednesday 8 June 2016
  • Destination: Nesttun
  • Hare: Muff Diver
  • In the pack: Foggy Glasses, Comes Every Time, Deep Throat, Mata Hari, Camp Toilet, Bottle Dodger, Lost Genie, Hara Kari, Guinea Pig, Bambi, Teacher's Pet, Hash Cock, Coming With Turtles, Wet Finger and Rescue Patrol
  • Pooch: Just Laps
  • Your scribe: Foggy Glasses

On a sunny and warm early summer evening, a slightly smaller than average pack travelled by tram and car to get to the start of run #1264. Some hashers had time for a beer in the sun before the run and the hare promised real bottled beer for the circle, both throwbacks to the old days for the ancient hashers.

ON-OUT was called and the pack scampered off in search of the trail, which first took us in the direction of Troldhaugen, the former home of Edvard Grieg, and ON-ON towards Nordåsvannet. Passing a shop just before they stopped selling beer (yes, you cannot buy beer in shops after 8 PM in Norway), an impromptu drink-stop was declared by the hare. That is to say, Mata Hari and Comes Every Time decided to ignore the golden opportunity and continued running.

After a refurbishing stop, the two deaf hashers were found loitering at the next CHECK-AND-WAIT. From there the trail took us on a very meandering route to our 'standard' drink stop at Nesttun. As there was not enough time for a double drink-stop, the hare had us ON-OUT and back on the trail after a short while.

A short trail took us to the ON-INN and circle. The evening was rounded off with gin and tonics followed by some excellent nosh washed down with beer in the warm and midgy-free evening.
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