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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #1277 - Wednesday 24 August 2016
  • Destination: Nye Sandviksvei
  • Hare: Trudger
  • In the pack: Foggy Glasses, Flasher, Comes Every Time, Deep Throat, Bubbles, Muff Diver, Hara Kari, Guinea Pig, Bambi, Teacher's Pet, Check Me Out and Horse Pegasus
  • Pooch: White Arse
  • Your scribe: Foggy Glasses

A slightly smaller than average pack turned up for run #1277, which the hare had advertised as a short and wet run without the need for mobile lighting equipment and with a double drink stop.

The weather forecast was off the scale concerning precipitation, but the RA did her bit, and the weather had cleared up nicely in time for the run.

In true Trudger style, the run was a very meandering affair, up and down narrow alleys, with many checks and round backs, before we found the first drink stop after a few hundred metres of running.

Having emptied all the beakers, the hare had us ON-OUT in search of the continuing trail. Even more check backs, round backs and holding checks kept the pack together whilst running around Skuteviken and Bergenhus. The hare had even managed to find approx. 10 metres of virgin trail before drink stop #2 was finally found at Dr Wiesener.

From there it was a short walk back to the ON-INN, circle followed by superb sausage nosh. According to an electronic tracking device, Trudger had laid a three-kilometre long run, quite a marathon!
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