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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #131 - Wednesday 17 March 1999
  • Destination: Sandsli
  • Hares: Dog Handler and Creepy Crawly
  • In the pack: Abominator, Dr Butt, Three Times, Backtracker, Foggy Glasses, Bubbles and Just Robin
  • Your scribe: Abominator

As usual, the BH3 posse gathered at the car park at Nordnes and of course, "they" were late in setting off for Sandsli. As transport was rather scarce (1 car and 7 Hashers) Bubbles was relegated to the boot. However, he was in the enviable position of sitting on a crate of Hansa beer for 20 minutes so he had no reason to complain. We set of 20 minutes late somewhat in trepidation of what lay ahead as we knew these two hares had a history of Killer Runs - we were not disappointed. After running all over Fana through marshes, back gardens, roads and gravel paths, we had the pleasure of having a beer stop in the most plush surroundings yet. Apparently, the Hares had charmed the female hotel manager (it's beneath my dignity to speculate how?) into letting us drink in their fancy hotel. I'm sure she had second thoughts after seeing us slouch in front of the log fire for 20 minutes. The run continued on for literally miles and at some point when we were hashing up some long steps, Abominator was falsely accused of hiding a check back. We eventually got back to Fanatorget and had Hash Nosh at Dog Handler's abode.

I should have written this earlier in the week, as I know there was something I should have recited about this run (including all who had down-downs). Let this be a lesson to future Hash Trash Scribes.
Run summary
Long, hard and good (the way the ladies like it)
Hash Nosh summary
One of the best yet - Tacos
Down-downsReason for down-downs
Dog Handler & Creepy CrawlyHares: For laying a good run
Abominator & Just RobinRacing (a complete distortion of facts of course)
Someone elseWho the hell knows
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