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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #133 - Wednesday 31 March 1999
  • Destination: Møhlenpris
  • Hare: Just Robin
  • In the pack: Backtracker, Foggy Glasses, Beer Stop, Bubbles and Just Arild
  • Your scribe: Beer Stop

The big hospital run


It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon when four of us met at "Trappen" as usual...

We were (in no particular order): Backtracker, Foggy Glasses, Beer Stop and Robin. I wasn't quite up to my normal self, I was sort of hung-over. Sitting there wasting time it suddenly came to our mind that Yogi (our Beer Master) would not show up!! Oh woe us! The horror... No beer after the run, what is a man supposed to do?? We had to take things (or beers for that matter) into in our own hands, so Robin and Foggy (In retrospect Foggy likes to think of himself as "a beacon and a tower of pure excellence among Hashers all over the world" because he managed to get some beers at the local shop. But that's just him) ran like hell to get the beers before the shop closed. "So", you ask, "what was the Beer Master's poor excuse for not bringing beer?" Hah, that lazy bastard was on the mountain with his family or something, celebrating Easter. This will not do!!!

So over to the run: It was a beautiful spring afternoon when six hashers got ready for the big hospital run. In addition to the four previous mentioned hashers, I think it was Bubbles, and I can't for the life of me remember who the last hasher was. Well, who cares, right?? We started at some animal hospital (our first medical stop) on Møhlenpris, trying to find some marks of the trail, but without a microscope, it was hopeless. Dodgy marking!!!!!!!! So we roamed around Møhlenpris for a while (yours truly was already feeling the hard work lying ahead of us), trying to spot the aforementioned marks when suddenly we overheard a brief comment from the hare; "I used my bike laying this trail." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????!!! This is one of the most serious breaches of the non-existing hash-rules EVER! So, this was going to be a hard one. Well, I'll try to tell you how the rest of the run was, but I had some problems breathing and seeing clearly but after running around in Nygårdsparken for a bit, we came to the Emergency Room, Legevakten (our first medical almost-stop), and I thought that some oxygen would be rather nice. But did we stop?? Nooooo, we ran on to Store Lungegårdsvann, where we had our FIRST, yes you read correct, after all that running we finally had a Checkpoint. Everybody was looking towards downtown Bergen with hope in their eyes, and murmured, "Where is the drink stop?" But from a distance in the opposite direction we heard a faint "ON-ON" and everybody (with tears in their eyes) turned and started to run alongside this enormous lake. Foggy got into some trouble running when he spotted a locomotive cumming down the railway track, and he got a big hard on. (kinky s.o.b. hmm?) Finishing the big lake leg, we came to another check, and the trail was found going up towards Hansa brewery. Yeah!!! BIG drink stop I thought to myself, but then again, false trail, back to check.

So we started towards Møllendalsveien, and everybody realised that this was a run for the books (in terms of length). So... We ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran, and suddenly we all where puffing and wheezing in front of Haukeland Sykehus. (Our second medical stop) From there it was just downhill, and at Danmarksplass we had our only real medical stop at the pub Danmarkskroen, where six exhausted hashers got a cold beer and recharged their batteries. Then we ran back to Møhlenpris (of course not in a direct line) where we formed a circle, but by then, for me, everything is just a blur (with spots), but I recollect that I got one down-down for being hung-over, but to my shame I only managed half of it (but then again, beer is really good for your hair).
Run summary
Trail laid by bike!! A disgrace of unspeakable dimensions!!!!!!!
Hash Nosh summary
A great garlic feast, excellent!!
Hash weather
Fantastic (13 degrees and sun)
Down-downsReason for down-downs
The Bastard HareToo sick to remember
Beer StopToo sick to remember
Some other sodToo sick to remember
Imaginary down-downs
Imaginary reason for down-downs
Imaginary AbominatorImaginary racing (as usual)
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