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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #1336 - Wednesday 2 August 2017
  • Destination: Sædalen
  • Hares: Dancing Queen and Comes Every Time
  • In the pack: Foggy Glasses, Deep Throat, Bubbles, Guinea Pig, More For Less, Check Me Out, Horse Pegasus, Coming With Turtles, Rescue Patrol, Just Erik, Just Thomas, Just Annie, Under Developed, Just Jo, Just Paul, Roaming Pussy and Bogeyman
  • Your scribe: Foggy Glasses

With the hare's abode out in the sticks, the whole pack arrived by hash chariots well in time for the run. It is quite a long time since we have had so many visitors on a regular Wednesday run, two hashers representing Malvern H3 and two representing Brighton H7, all travelling around Norway, joined us for the run. In addition, two hashers who attended this year's Red Dress run also made a re-appearance, as did a semi-returning BH3 Harriette and her two young apprentice hashers, Just Erik and Just Thomas.

Instead of the "standard" trail that all the local hashers were expecting; up the mountain in the direction of Nubbevannet, the trail took us DOWN-DOWN into Sædalen. Having followed the old main road for a while, the trail headed ON-UP in the direction of Rinddalen. Halfway up the hill, the hares had laid on a mobile refreshment stop, something that was much appreciated.

Just as ON-OUT was called, it started to rain (again), so yet another normal wet 2017 summer's day in Bergen (sigh). After a short while, we hit the "normal" return trail from Nubbevannet and the ON-INN.

Everyone was treated to a down-down for having done (or not done) something on-trail. The stand-in R.A. even gave himself a tea-bag, with reference to the dismal happening in the circle on run #1334.

The evening was rounded off with an excellent curry dish and salad followed by desert, all washed down with Sangria and beer.

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