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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #135 - Wednesday 14 April 1999
  • Destination: Eidsvåg
  • Hares: Backtracker and Beer Stop
  • In the pack: Yogi, Abominator, Dr Butt, Bubba, Three Times, Foggy Glasses, Creepy Crawly, Dog Handler, Bubbles and Just Robin
  • Your scribe: Creepy Crawly

T'was another fine Wednesday evening in Bergen and the motley crew of BH3 assembled at the all-familiar car park at Nordnes. After a brief exchange of words, the Hog's and Hogett's piled into the chariots chauffeured by Dog Handler and Yogi. Why Three Times chose to set in the solo passenger seat as opposed to centre backseat between two Healthy Horny HOGS who were in need of a massage is beyond me. After the uneventful journey to Eidsvågsneset and removal of the non-HASH attire, the HASH circle was formed. The HASH Shit was duly award to Abominator for his Proud Norwegian heritage, for he is a descendant of the Raper's and Pillager's of yesteryear. Just a few fine qualities our GM possesses. Then finally we were off, correction driving to the start about 1 km from Backtracker's abode.

"ON ON" this way was called and run 135 was underway, the Hog's consisting of Abominator, Backtracker, Beer Stop, Bubbles, Creepy Crawly, Dog Handler, Foggy, Robin (RIP) and Yogi were sniffing around the Hogett's of Bubba, Dr Butt and Three Times instead of sniffing out the trail. Finally, the FRB's did their thing and we found ourselves ascending one of Bergen's not-so-famous mountains. After a series of Check Backs, Checks and false trails, the trail left the safe dry path and headed in the woods. Just as Backtracker shouted "stay on the trail and your feet won't get wet" Dr Butt found hers paws submerged in muck. Shortly thereafter, we were back on a paved trail and the summit was conquered. Unfortunately, the GM did not wear the SHIT with pride because he said, "it's too hot out to wear this thing" - What a Wanker! Off the road we went again, this time to descend the hill with a waterfall on the right and a "BS" marking was found. "Beer stop" was shouted, but NO Beer Stop shouted, "Beer Search" sounds like BS to me. At any rate, the beer was soon sniffed out and happily lapped up. Or should I say, "inhaled".

Down the hill we went and eventually back to the car park. The two Wankers Yogi and Creepy choose to run back, (Serious running on the HHH) while the remaining poofter's decided ride back in comfort. Of course, FRB - Just Robin was feeling guilty riding back while these idiots were running back, so he was dropped off just 300 meters from Backtracker's. Tough run for him, and yes he was the first back of the three.
Run summary
Short, too Dry and as always too Flat
Hash Nosh summary
Rubbish as usual. Actually, it was truly magnificent - excellent job Backtracker
Down-downsReason for down-downs
Backtracker & Beer StopThe run, too Short, too Dry and as always too Flat
Backtracker69 Runs - on his 70th, who the hell taught the RA how to count
Just RobinChristening - to Little Lost Willie (AKA - Arild), RIP - Robin
Little Lost WillieNew Shoes - The wanker wore new shoes on purpose!!!!!!!
RARain on the Run? - The GM's description of rain is far from reality
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