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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #138 - Wednesday 21 April 1999
  • Destination: Bellevue
  • Hares: Three Times and Creepy Crawly
  • In the pack: Yogi, Abominator, Dr Butt, Bubba, Backtracker, Foggy Glasses, Dog Handler, Bubbles, Wallbanger and Just Arild
  • Your scribe: Just Arild

It had been a lovely day with unusual high air temperature. Everybody was "spring horny" and eager to take off from Nordnes after some beers at "Trappen" pub. Most of us got to Creepy Crawly's home by car, but the two bicycle eminents, Wallbanger and Three Times, went of 15 minutes before beer loading was completed. Despite this excellent opportunity to run off the sithering in the body only 12 members joined this run which started at Creepy Crawly's place. The group contained Yogi, Abominator, Dr. Butt, Bubba, Three Times, Foggy Glasses, Backtracker, Creepy Crawly, Dog Handler, Bubbles, Wallbanger and Arild. The Hash Shit was worn by an not so experienced sailor as he didn't put it himself. The sailing failures were presented by Creepy Crawly at Bømlo BH3 weekend (17-18 April).

We soon passed Bellevue and got up to Starefossen, circling down to Store Lungegårdsvann by a Check Point at Fjellveien. Because of all the Check Backs particularly experienced by Wallbanger, Abominator and Arild this Check Point was recalled to Beer Stop. From this Beer Stop Bubbles got the honour of carrying back home the empty beer bag because he didn't follow orders to drink up fast enough. -Is he really fond of beer or not? By the Check Point at Kalfaret two angry little dogs ("Pickynosers?") were howling and barking at us and only the picket fence restricted the guardians from attacking us. They should have been handled but Dog Handler had forgot the meaning of his name. From Store Lungeg√ɬ•rdsvann the track leaded to another hospital run, but to Haraldsplass this time. Three Times did some backtracking this time, not as usual, but even though notified. -Was the bicycle competition with Wallbanger that hard?? We all saw Wallbanger's very nasty and obvious Short cutting at Haraldsplass and he thought he could get off the coming of a Down-Down by claiming for Checking the Route. Disgraceful!!

From here the run went straight ahead to the ON-INN.

The activities in the circle outside Creepy Crawly's abode were a bit different this time with a content of a baptising and delivering of down-downs as usual.

After being partly invisible throughout his career in BH3 yours sincerely eventually got the international name after the 12th run at BH3. My name is now Fungus, because of the passionate interest I have for the Kingdom Fungi.
Run summary
Up and down, side by side, hard dodgy and crappy
Hash Nosh summary
Very good - Corn Fritters in honey, Salad and Soup of vegetables, potatoes and shrimps. Banana cake for dessert. Yummy!!
Down-downsReason for down-downs
Three Times & Creepy CrawlyHares: For laying a crappy run
Wallbanger & AbominatorFor short cutting
Just ArildFor being a "poofter" in his new beautiful outfit
Just ArildChristening - Fungus (RIP - Just Arild)
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