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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #1406 - Wednesday 12 September 2018
  • Destination: Løvstien (vest)
  • Hare: Flasher
  • In the pack: Foggy Glasses, Comes Every Time, Deep Throat, Dog Handler, Camp Toilet, Muff Diver, Hara Kari, Guinea Pig, Bambi, Teacher's Pet, Check Me Out, Hash Cock, Nutz, Viking Vixen and Headless
  • Pooches: White Arse and Wannabe Poodle
  • Your scribe: Foggy Glasses

On a dampish autumn afternoon, a slightly smaller-than-average sized pack made it to the start. That is to say; two hashers had not read the email from the hare and headed in a completely wrong direction. The pack got a bit restless because the local car park attendant was taking pictures of all cars in the car park, but it was decided to wait until everyone had arrived.

Finally, the hare could call 'ON-OUT' and the pack scampered off searching for the trail. Having found the trail, it took us UP-UP towards Fredlund and on to a very hidden and steep path up through the forest to the western end of Løvstien. From there the trail continued along the newly constructed Løvstien and ON-ON to a virgin drink-stop, at what the military expert claimed was a fortified strongpoint built approx. 75 years ago.

After an all too short drink-stop, the trail followed a meandering path down through the forest and ON-INN to the car park, where not a single parking ticket was to be seen as the run had been shorter than the allotted 2-hour free parking.

Back at the hare's abode, the circle was conducted in a dignified manner, as the RA had not noticed very much on the run and was busily imagining things, like the statistics on the BH3 web site not being up to date etc. etc. etc.

After the circle, the hare served an excellent venison stew together with some excellent Rhône wine.
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