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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #1435 - Saturday 9 March 2019
  • Destination: Geilo
  • Hare: Flasher
  • In the pack: Foggy Glasses, Abominator, Dr Butt, Deep Throat, Mata Hari, Dog Handler, Camp Toilet, Guinea Pig, Teacher's Pet, Check Me Out, More For Less, Headless, Viking Vixen, Tweeny, Groupie and Just Saskia
  • Pooches: Wee Fighting Bitch and Just Birk
  • Your scribe: Foggy Glasses

An average sized pack although quite a large Ski Hash pack, travelled to Geilo by train and car to participate at the 16th BH3 Ski Hash. Camp Toilet had booked seats in the gin carriage on the 7.57 a.m. train from Bergen for nine wise hashers, and some had the pleasure of the first liquid refreshments at 7.58 a.m. The train reached Geilo at 10.52 a.m. and Dr Butt, the ski-and-luggage transport committee, met us at the railway station. After stocking up on refreshments, some of the pack headed for Dr Butt's cabin and the remainder headed for Groupie and Flasher's cabin.

At the appointed time, a maxi-taxi transported the pack from the two cabins to the start of the run. Due to the condition of both the weather and some of the pack, this year's trail was a flattish affair around Ustedalsfjorden covered in a thick layer of snow.

Flasher, the hare, had decided to do a bit of live haring and was given a few minutes head start. After a short while, ON-OUT was called and the pack set off in hot pursuit. After a few kilometres, the hare was observed waiting for the pack at the first mobile drink stop. On offer was some hot cocoa lined with optional fermented potato juice and much appreciated by the pack.

After a short while, the hare set off again with the rest of the pack in hot pursuit some minutes later. The trail took us up hill and down dale through a forested area, which is to say we, climbed all in all approx. 25 metres to reach the highest point of the trail. Again, the hare was observed waiting for the pack at the second mobile drink stop. The remainder of the cocoa was on offer, again lined with optional fermented potato juice.

After a few minutes, ON-OUT was called and the pack headed in the direction of Vestlia Hotel and the ON-INN having covered approx. 6.5 kilometres. The hare had reserved a table for the pack, and a few relaxing beers were much enjoyed. After an all too short after-ski, the maxi-taxi returned and transported the pack back to Groupie and Flasher's cabin for the circle.

The usual punishments were on offer, with the high point being the celebration of Tweeny's, a Birmingham hasher, 50th run with BH3.

After the circle (and some time for relaxing) some excellent nosh lovingly prepared by Groupie and Flasher, was very much appreciated by the pack. The party lasted well into the wee hours for some hashers whilst others started drifting off to bed shortly after the meal (as far as I remember).

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