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Run #144 - Sunday 16 May 1999
  • Destination: Bellevue
  • Hare: Wallbanger
  • In the pack: Yogi, Abominator, Dr Butt, Smokie, Foggy Glasses, Backtracker, Beer Stop, Creepy Crawly, Dog Handler, Golden Clipper, Late Commer, Smelly Belly, Mad Hatter, Just Øyvind, Little White Bus, Aahlouette, Sweaty Balls, Foxy, Just Dag, Corny Flakes, Just Ingvild and Vodka Splite
  • Your scribe: Smokie

23 hashers turned up, surprisingly many. This can probably be attributed to the fact that the hash had run out of beer on Saturday night.

For this incompetence the Beer Master Yogi was promptly given a down-down before the run. The Danes were obviously very apprehensive about this run, firstly the lack of beer and secondly the length of the hash. Wallbanger was however very gracious and laid a nice scenic hash along the slopes of Kalfaret.

During the run it quickly became apparent that some hashers were either masochists or were missing the point of a hangover run. Beer Stop was very agile at the start of the hash, probably due to all the fresh air he got from sleeping under the stars the night before. This did not last long and Beer Stop was quickly back to his old self, screaming for a drink stop.

The only complaint on the run came from Foggy Glasses. He was whinging that Wallbanger had failed to lay checkpoints at scenic photo opportunities. Personally I think he just wanted more checkpoints.

At the first checkpoint it should be noted that both Smokie and the Golden Clipper declined, when offered some beer. I must say that I feel very ashamed of my behaviour as I write this. Kuske Bitter was passed around, and seemed to be appreciated by most. Sweaty Balls at this point decided that the hash was too civilized, and disrupted the photo shoot with an abundance of gaseous expulsions. The hashers quickly sought out the trail.

The hashers were very dispersed after the second drink stop. (It should be noted that the Golden Clipper yet again declined when offered a drink). Abominator and Creepy Crawly were out in front, racing. At this point they caught up with a young female jogger who quickly let it be known that she preferred to run alone. Creepy Crawly regretted not saying "So I guess there no chance of a blow job then!"

All along the hash virile young hashers were asking about 3X. She was obviously deeply missed.

In conclusion it was very nice hangover run on a very sunny morning.
Run summary
Very nice hangover run
Hash Nosh summary
Down-downsReason for down-downs
WallbangerHare: For graciously laying the hash
Smelly BellyFor being late to the circle
LatecomerFor doing a poor impersonation of Smelly Belly
Little White Bus & Creepy CrawlyOne for being white as a ghost and the other for having a too healthy tan
Scar With 2T`sFor outstanding performance on the hangover run
YogiDisrespectfully offering Smelly Belly an alcohol free beer for breakfast
Just IngvillIn the words of the Odense GM for the mumble-mumble
Vodka SpliteFor his amazing lyrical talents the night before
Just DagFor falling asleep under the table when he had declared that he would drink Abominator under the table. He was therefore given the hash name of Fallen Jib (RIP - Just Dag)
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