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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #146 - Wednesday 26 May 1999
  • Destination: Hammerslandsgrenda
  • Hare: Dog Handler
  • In the pack: Yogi, Foggy Glasses, Creepy Crawly and Bubbles
  • Your scribe: Creepy Crawly

On this particular Wednesday the RA not only had to perform the prestigious this position requires but also was the Hare for this week's event. Being overwhelmed with having to perform two functions, Dog Handler failed miserably as RA with respect to providing the eager Hashers with dry Hashing conditions. Nonetheless, the non-poofters, serious Hashers gathered at the usual Nordnes meeting spot. With two vehicles, Bubbles and Creepy were chauffeured to Grimstad by Yogi and Foggy respectively. There were few words spoken and Hash #146 was underway.

Within 5 minutes of departure the trail entered into the swamp like marsh and there were no dry shoes to be found. After ascending a small hill with several appropriate back checks we found ourselves in the streets of Kokstad. The trail then directed the Hounds into Sandsli along various walking trails and back roads. These thirsty beasts ran hi and low in search of a Beer Stop but this wasn't to be. Then it was up and down the last hill in Sandsli and onto the main road back to the Ranch. But NO a back check. Not a problem the Short Cutting Hounds, Foggy and Yogi sniffed out the trail on the other side of the road. Their attempt to be clever was foiled by yet another back check. T'was obvious that the Hare was leading us off road again into the soft wet marsh conditions that we had left 1.5 hrs ago.

After sufficiently soaking our FEETS, we found ourselves on the main road to the RA's abode. Bubbles and Creepy were leading the pack of 5 in search of the ON-INN and they found the last back check of this memorable run. One on these two hashers chose to the run the back check and find the ON-INN while the other chose to continue on and head for the Down Downs and Nosh.
Hash Nosh summary
Rubbish as usual. Actually it was some exotic Thai stuff - truly wonderful - excellent job Dog Handle!
Down-downsReason for down-downs
Dog HandlerHare: The Run, too Short, too Dry and as always too Flat (An excellent run, very very wet and muddy - just the way we like it)
YogiDisrespect to the RA and for being a typical wanker!
BubblesGross violation of Short Cutting - Basic Poofter of the Day
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