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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #147 - Wednesday 2 June 1999
  • Destination: Bellevue
  • Hares: Smokie and Creepy Crawly
  • In the pack: Yogi
  • Your scribe: Yogi

First I got a call from Backtracker. He said "Due to marital problems I will not be able to attend". I thought, great I won't have bring his beer. I went and grabbed the leaded liquid refreshment and loaded it into the car together with my body. Drove down to the meeting point at the usual time 6:45 PM. But lo and behold, there was not the usual crowd to greet the arrival of the beer. So I sat in my car and waited for 13 minutes, but no one showed up. I then drove away towards the location of the run expecting everybody to be there. However, all I found were the two hares.

The stand-in stand-in R.A. had done a superb job, the sun was shining throughout the run; it was dry and hot.

The run was long and hard with about 30 check backs of which I only found approximately 15, but I was really enjoying myself running in the city during an infrequent sunny spell down to Store Lungegårdsvannet around what too many people is the final resting place and down to Danmarkskroen where we had our beer stop. I ran on my own from there; Smokie took a taxi due to his back problems and Creepy jogged home and beat the cab back, to start preparing the food. I jogged on up towards Haukeland sykehus and found a few check backs. But I followed the ON ON's all the way back to the delicious beer which was waiting for us.
Why are there no Hashers attending anymore???? There are video recorders available for the TV slaves. Hashing is the one day in the week when people can get together and have fun; you can drink alcohol and jog at the same time!!!
Question 1
IS IT TOO EXPENSIVE ??? (you don't have to drink beer). FOOD IS USUALLY VERY GOOD!
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Question 3
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