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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #149 - Friday 11 June 1999
  • Destination: Mjølfjell
  • Hare: Dog Handler
  • In the pack: Backtracker, Bubbles and Mata Hari
  • Your scribe: Bubbles

On that sunny afternoon, after a couple of hours drive from Bergen, here we were all gathered to celebrate the beginning of the 150th w-e- of BH3. To my surprise only 4 hashers managed to be there for the 7 o'clock run, namely Backtracker, Bubbles, Dog Handler and Mata Hari.

Earlier on I had told Dog Handler that having a trash edited in Bergen is a good thing, so that one can keep track of what had taken place ''en route'', however I mentioned how much I hated being a scribe (In Beirut I managed to write the run reports only twice though I have now reached run No. 64, but that's another story...), so our respected and honoured RA's first decision was to point a finger at me (pointing!) and force this duty on to me... Is that the proper way to honour a returnee?... Life is unfair here in the North...

So I reluctantly accepted the task (can I do otherwise?) and soon on-on was called. The run began uphill around the ''Knausen'' cabin, Backtracker leading the pack, and trying to find the white marks that were nowhere to be found, we discovered later that Dog Handler decided to save some money on the hash economy and use as little flour as possible (or was it to surprise us and cook waffles later on? Only time can tell..) I tried to keep my eyes open of course, but also my ears to catch some interesting gossip, but these macho buggers were speaking Norwegian! Anyhow, I sneaked behind Dog Handler and Bubbles to hear the later explaining how, before he got married in the Philippines, his brothers-in-law, all 10 of them, were convinced that he got his wife to be pregnant, and 9 month later since no baby was born he earned back the family's respect! It was on-on in the woods and the wet forest, it reminded Dog Handler of that gorgeous blond we saw earlier on in the car park of Lagunen wearing a short tight black T-shirt with tight pants, and when she bent down to grab something he saw her white bikini line, that was more than he could handle....poor Dog Handler... he got so wet....from walking in the muddy bushes that is.....

By the time we approached the one and only beer-stop for this run, we lost sight of Backtracker, only to see him coming down from a cabin where he had disappeared for about 10 minutes, and heard a strange noise coming from the shaved sheep stored there, all agitated and moaning...couldn't really say what had taken place, but I might suggest to the mismanagement to change his name to Sheepshagger or Farmasutra...

It was picture time with yours truly impersonating hash flash Foggy Glasses, who preferred fondling the cheer leaders of his football team back in Bergen to participating in this memorable run, some people don't have the sense of priorities... [I can recommend fondling cheer leaders - Ed.] So we took a picture with the Mjølfjell mountain at the back, it was suggested that the 8th Killer Hill would be held here, since it's the biggest flour mark ever likely to be found on a trail.

On up again, back in the bushes, with lots of check backs and false trails, then we were relieved to find the on- in sign that took us back to the cabin....
Our beloved RA wanted us to defy the rules of physics and form a circle all 4 of us present, but he had to settle for a square, he was awarded a DD for a run that was qualified as rubbish by the rest of us, the rest of DDs are as follows:
Down-downsReason for down-downs
Mata HariFor wearing lipstick on the run
Mata HariFor wearing a cap on while drinking
BubblesFor wearing blue socks and taking off his running shoes during the circle
BacktrackerFor being so silent during the run & doing nothing nasty and mean!!
It was time for hash nosh, so between the 4 of us, we managed to push down 24 taco shells, with of course the right amount of holy amber of Hansa beer, while sitting outside and enjoying the sunny evening, it was nearly midnight before we went inside to finish out Backtrackers' bottle of Gammeldansk...

If you are interested in finding out who had his 69' in the river, how light and sunny it is in Norway compared to Beirut and be reminded of it every 5 minutes all evening long, who impersonated Indiana Jones, what happened to the pissed farmer, how our brave hashers faced the train in the tunnel and defeated death, why before each & every picture taken 1,2,3,4, fist is shouted, then don't miss the next edition of the trash, to tell you more and more of that great 150th week-end....
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