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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #152 - Wednesday 16 June 1999
  • Destination: Nubbevannet
  • Hares: Pizzaman and Just Daniel
  • In the pack: Yogi, Abominator, Dr Butt, Backtracker, Foggy Glasses, Dog Handler, Bubbles and Mata Hari
  • Your scribe: Dog Handler

It was just one of those days, where members of the pack arrived at the adobe of the hare prior to him finalising the trail of the day. To keep eager hashers waiting is not the best way to improve one's standing in the pack, but nothing is ever perfect....., alas!

Somewhat delayed the flock gathered in front of Pizzaman's domicile, ready to pounce the minute the On On was called! However, no such signal was given, instead all had to pile into two vehicles for motorised movement to the starting point, all the way into Sædalen. However, prior to leaving, all necessities (beer) had to be transferred from Yogi's car to yours truly's, as Yogi was on quick alert for happenings related to the birds and the bees and the .... (Censored so as to not offend delicate hashers....). Jut to prove that today's run was flawed through complete mismanagement: after having driven almost two minutes, the hare Pizzaman exclaims: I forgot the beer for the drinkstop! Yours truly had to return to the aforementioned domicile, in order to allow the hare to retrieve the forgotten drops of golden liquor! Such early signs of Alzheimer light - what is today's youth becoming?

Well, back to the run: We were "dumped" close to the training field of a fairly unknown (?) local football club - almost bankrupt as well (!) - I believe it's called Fire, or was it Brann? Well, whatever, this was where we all had to disembark the vehicles, and commence the "mountain" run.

I truly believe there is a sadistic streak to some hashers, as was the case with our two hares today. The trail was set through overgrown thickets, designed to tear designer wear hash t-shirts, as well as cause bodily harm; along river courses slippery as hell (steep too!), with the hares looking on with smiles on their faces, in great anticipation of the first accident. Just to underscore their point, Daniel was equipped with first aid gadgets!

After everyone finally had made it safely to the top of the steep inclines we were set to conquer, a very wet trail lay ahead of us, ending at a much anticipated and wanted drink stop at Baune hytten, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but still next to a lake. The beer was presented, Foggy Glasses took the prescribed amount of pictures and Yogi did his orang-utan impersonation.

"Check it out!" was called, and the pack set off again. We now hit a slightly descending trail, on which after a few minutes of running (!) certain hashers felt a vague sense of familiarity. Why vague? Last time hashers had been in this area, they had had their senses clouded by beer and other liquid sensations, thus not paying too much attention to the surroundings. We had just hit upon parts of the trail set for the 100th run last summer.

Abominator did his best at frontrunning throughout the entire run. Daniel tried to keep up with him in the best "frontrunning hare" traditions. For some odd reason, this did not go down well with certain bodily parts of Daniel, as protests were being felt and giving hindrance to his running.

The pack came running down Natlandsfjellet - that is, most of the pack. Throughout the entire run (for some it was definitely not a run!) Foggy Glasses and Mata Hari had entertained each other through a lot of private partying. When everybody else has to wait several minutes for these two stragglers, truly something must be going on? The RA remembered this - and more - once the pack again was gathered for the DDs!

Returning to the domicile of Pizzaman, Yogi and yours truly had to return to Sædalen to collect our lonely vehicles. Once we got back to Sletten, behold! What did we see? Just Daniel on a pair of crutches! Such a poor sight - a frontrunning hare without the ability to run anymore! The RA immediately got the inspiration for a new hash name: Lame Dog! Only time will show whether he qualifies for another handle or not.
Down-downsReason for down-downs
Pizzaman & Just DanielHares: For laying an utter crap trail, too easy and too dry!
YogiDisrespect to the RA and for being a typical wanker!
YogiFor his most outstanding impersonation of the monkey species (a fellow relative?)
Foggy GlassesFor being a whinging bastard
Foggy Glasses & Mata HariFor entertaining each other through private partying
Before proceeding to the on-on, a whole bunch of wankers set off home, leaving only the hard core hashers to enjoy the excellent nosh prepared by Pizzaman's mistress, whoops, sorry - cohabitant!

ON ON to run number 153!!
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