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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #153 - Wednesday 23 June 1999
  • Destination: Fløyen
  • Hare: Bubbles
  • In the pack: Abominator, Dr Butt, Smokie, Backtracker, Foggy Glasses, Pizzaman, Dog Handler, Creepy Crawly, Mata Hari and Dancing Queen
  • Your scribe: Foggy Glasses

The Great Gig In The Sky ....

First of all let me explain how the Scribe is appointed in BH3: it's the RA's duty to suss out the unhappy Hasher who's in for a rude awakening. Hashers try to keep a very low profile during the pre-run gathering, but they usually can't escape the watchful eye of our R.A. That's to say; if he remembers to appoint a scribe at all. Usually the assistant R.A. (hello) pops the innocent question "Who's scribe today, RA?" a short way into the run. This usually results in an empty stare and the following remark "Oh....I forgot". Having suffered this embarrassing situation quite a few times, the RA decided to seek a terrible revenge by appointing yours truly scribe for run #153 a long time in advance (Well done, RA).

Back to reality: as usual, the hard-core of the BH3 pack consisting of Beer Stop, Backtracker and Foggy Glasses, started the warm up for this week's run at the local public house "Trappen". That's to say, Beer Stop turned up in civilian clothes and informed the gathering that he would not be taking part as he had to wash clothes and pack because some idiot had ordered him to North Norway the following day. Some people just don't have their priorities in order!

Low and behold, after a short while a visitor from the U.S. joined us: Dancing Queen. He had found the BH3's homepage on the Web and decided to join us for the run! Well done, Mr. Queen!

After the appropriate number of beers had been consumed, we set of in direction of the car park, that's to say, all except Beer Stop who slunk of to do something else. Abominator informed us that today's run was on Mount Fløien, so off we set in the general direction of the Mount Fløien funicular. Having rubbed shoulders with tourists all the way up to the summit, we finally arrived at the top of the mountain all raring to go. Hash Flash was sent to procure a new battery for his camera just as the Hare shouted "ON-ON" and run #153 was underway.

As usual the pack spent a loooong time sniffing out the trail, so Foggy easily caught up with the pack. The trail led us as usual in and out of woods, through marshes, along narrow, winding paths until we started the descent towards the fair city of Bergen. Somehow Mata Hari ended up a long way behind the pack (again!). Being a perfect gentleman, Foggy took it upon himself to make sure that our ex-Honorary Member didn't get lost (honest). The trail meandered its way down the mountain side all the way to a drink stop at our usual watering hole when we are in this part of Bergen; Dr. Wiesener

Having filled up the tanks with the amber liquid that we all enjoy so much, "ON ON" was called and we had to set off again. The trail led us down to the harbour and the medieval wharf. Ah, at last the possibility of some culture, but nooooo ...... what was in store for us was the "ON-INN" a full 10 minutes run from the end the run. This must have been the longest "ON-INN" in BH3's history! What happened Bubbles? Did you need the remaining flour to bake bread or something???

Anyway, we all made it back to Abominator's for the circle and a wonderful BBQ, it being Midsummer Night's Eve with blue sky, sunshine and all.
Run summary
Long, hard, and DRY. A jolly good run, just the way we like it
Hash Nosh summary
BBQ and a salad. Very nice!

Not to be outwitted, the Scribe wrote a short description of the down-downs, but being on the receiving end of 2, yes *TWO* down-downs, the Scribe somehow forgot to write who received the down-downs, but here goes:
Down-downsReason for down-downs
Must have been the hare BubblesCrappy run, too short, too dry, etc etc etc
Could this be Foggy???Self abuse (nope, it was P.O.T.'ing)
Dancing QueenVisitor and "Eager One"
Must have been SmokieNon-hash Shit and Non-hash Horn
Could this be Foggy, again???Lazy bastard, not receiving e-mail and a whinger
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