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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #156 - Wednesday 14 July 1999
  • Destination: Nipedalen
  • Hare: Just Daniel
  • In the pack: Smokie, Backtracker, Foggy Glasses, Dog Handler, Bubbles, Kamikaze, Just Knut and Just Marit
  • Your scribe: Just Daniel

We lumbered of from the beach at Lake Tennebekktjernet. Bubbles was appointed Hash Shit for bringing a virgin to the run. It had just been raining for a couple of hours, and the markings were hard to find. Smokie's horn sounded but it soon died out as the markings were gone. Anyway, the helpful hare found the chase very boring if it should end there, and helped the pack on. Light rain fell as we made our way into the woods and steep hills. On our way down, "Hash Danger" was called out to warn the runners of the slippery ground. Some deaf dogs don't sound to good when they hit a tree in full Hash speed. Anyway, no one had to stay home from work the following day.

The run went on through dark woods, rocky trails and wet grass. "Drinkstop" was called, and one of the biggest D's known to man revealed itself. The Hash Flash made sure the moment was perpetuated.

Then it happened: Bubbles took of the shitty hat! What a shame and disgrace! Claiming on the/his bells almost crushing his glasses, he tried to justify his actions. What bells, or balls, he was talking about, we don't know. But we strongly advise him to wear tighter briefs on following runs, or maybe a surgical operation would prevent these things from happening again. Anyway - there is NO excuse for removing the Hash Shit when it's during the run. It should be worn with pride...

Kamikaze noticed at the same time that Smokie had new shoes. We all thought they were looking quite fancy, and promised him a beer at the Down-Down. His socks on the other hand, were honestly the worst pieces of clothing we've ever seen on the Hash.

On our way from the Drinkstop, we had three paths to choose from. "Check it out" was called, and the Hashers did. They returned with no results. The Helpful Hare helped them of on a narrow path in the woods. 5 minutes later the pack was lost. The Unusually Helpful Hare had no alternatives but to cut track and lead the herd on to the right trail. (What hare thinks a chase with no chasers is fun?).

After some hills we ended up at a Checkpoint where the tail divided into two ways; Short Cut and Long Cut. As the healthy wankers they all were, they carried on on the Long Cut. More following hills almost collapsed the whole bunt. But impressively they made way up the steepest bush roads in the county, just to find that the trail went on back down towards the beach. They all made it through the slippery steep downhill before passing the ON IN on the beach. A wonderful ceremony took place on the white sands of Kanadaskogen (a.k.a. Canadian Woods) as we joined in the Down Down circle (See listings below).

The evening ended up at Just Daniel's place for a small nosh and some more beer.

It should also be mentioned that we've never seen such a forth-running Foggy Glasses before. All credits to him, although we think it has something to do with his running companion (Mata Hari) who was not attending to this week's run due to wedding prepearings. The two of them tend to end up in the hind part of the pack.
Down-downsReason for down-downs
Just DanielHare
Just MaritVirgin
Just KnutVirgin
SmokieTea bag: new shoes and no-matching socks
BubblesFor not wearing the Hash Shit with the pride it demands
Dog HandlerPlease enlighten us, Foggy [Ye Olde Shitty Weather (again)]
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