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Run #157 - Wednesday 21 July 1999
  • Destination: Søreide
  • Hare: Dog Handler
  • In the pack: Abominator, Dr Butt, Foggy Glasses, Beer Stop, Pizzaman, Creepy Crawly, Bubbles, Wallbanger, Mata Hari and Just Daniel
  • Your scribe: Beer Stop

The hardcore gang started up at Trappen as usual.... nothing new under that ol' sun, but there ya' have it.

We were quite the bunch (I guess), and the weather was slightly humid as we gathered together outside Dog Handlers home. This run was the last run for Dog Handler and Mata Hari, as, well.... Dog Handler and Mata Hari. On the next run they would be Mr and Mrs Handler. Because of this, Mrs Handler had to run with a sort of shortish vail, and Mr Handler with a sort of nice(?) jacket. They got a D-D before the run as well, it seemed to be the appropriate thing to do. So the On-On was called, and off we went. The weather got slightly more humid (more weather updates cumming later) as we ran down the road. After following the asphalt paved road for a while, we started doin' some offroad, offpiste, pisst off, whatever running.

Time for a weather update presented by "CASTLEMAINE XXXX, you'll never trade it for any other lager": It was slightly even more humid.

Well, some bastards, whom will not be mentioned by name here (say thanks for taking care of your anonymity Creepy, Wallbanger and Abominator), where hurdling along into and upwards the forest, PASSING a Drink-Stop, I mean, what the fuck is going on with people today, so the hare had to call them back and actually point out the D-S. What a shame and disgrace! By now the weather was slightly even a tad bit more humid. We had the beer and started running again, suddenly we heard a kind of "whooshing" sound, and off the three before mentioned FRB's went, never to be seen again, at least for a couple of minutes. While the pack was following the trail, Foggy decided to have a nap. So he laid down in the middle of the path, thus blocking for us in the back, which was kind of OK for me at least, I could use a couple of minutes on my back myself, but there's always someone that have to complain. And what about the weather you ask.... It was slightly even a tad bit more then a tad humid (of course, I feel I can ad). What did you expect??? So we strolled along a bit further, and there it was!! "What??" you ask, "The elephants secret graveyard? Elvis? Jimmy Hoffa?" Neither of the above, it was those FRB's looking like a bunch of confused chickens, as they ran back and forth, desperately looking for some markings, (which of course the rest of us did see immediately) so from there it went to the ON-INN.
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