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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #159 - Wednesday 4 August 1999
  • Destination: Eidsvåg
  • Hares: Backtracker and Creepy Crawly
  • In the pack: Yogi, Abominator, Dr Butt, Foggy Glasses, Beer Stop, Dog Handler, Wallbanger, Mata Hari, Just Daniel, Just Ingvild, Sexy Lady, Just Terje, Erik the Reject, Deamon, Goldilocks, Likk'mm and Man In Black
  • Your scribe: Foggy Glasses

BH3 meets Lord of the Rings ....

Hello! Yes, yours truly is Scribe (again). It seems that the Hashers who deliver their intellectual masterpiece within reasonable time, are appointed scribe by the R.A. again and again and again and ...... The Wankers who are either too busy, can't write English etc etc etc are let of the hook time and time again!

Well, on to the run ....

The usual gang of Foggy Glasses, Beer Stop and Backtracker (a.k.a. Gandalf, Frodo and Bilbo) met at the Wednesday watering hole: namely the local public house Trappen. After a while Abominator, a.k.a. Good God (by the way a newcumer at Trappen), turned up with 5 *brand new* hashers to rub shoulders with the boys; Likk'mm, Goldilocks, Erik the Reject, Man in Black and Deamon. This was certainly going to be an international run with representatives from Bergen, Norway, Finland, England, Scotland, Lebanon, USA/Switzerland and Japan taking part.

At the prescribed time, we all rose and left for the rendezvous point. Lo and behold two new hashers where already waiting for us at the parking lot. A total of *SEVEN* new hashers was enough to give even the strongest Hasher (and Abominator) wobbly knees!

Goldilocks turned out to be a real Lord of the Rings, with a box full of rings and other jewellery with which to enslave the Kings of Men (or at least to get their hard-earned lolly), and a few did part with their (or at least their husband's) money.

After Yogi had demonstrated how to park a car 0.5-inch from a concrete wall, we set of in the BH3 chariots in the general direction of Bactracker's abode.

Everybody gathered in the garden etc etc etc and run #159 was off. It started very promising: we passed through a hole in the hedge and straight through the neighbour's garden. After this the run settled down to the usual uphill and downhill. As both hares seemed to be FRBs on this run, yours truly had to stay at the rear of the pack as Deamon was having trouble keeping up with the pack. A few other Harriets also seemed to be in need of some assistants so it was a fun run at the rear of the pack!

I seem to vaguely recall that we did have a drink stop somewhere, but this was after we had scrambled over a fence and down a hill. Yours truly managed somehow to get injured climbing over the fence, and was bleeding profusely as I staggered on to the drink stop. Luckily our Hash Quack (Just Daniel) was quickly on the spot with the first aid kit. Having been patched up, yours truly staggered gamely on having completed the drink stop (the bandage fell off after 2 minutes but it's the thought that counts, Just Daniel!).

After mostly running down hill after the drink-stop, the pack ended up by the waterside. Backtracker pointed out (after a little bit of live haring) that the trail continued on the other side of a small bay, so we had to swim across some open water. And there we stood waiting for our illustrious leaders to blaze a trail across the bay. The G.M. entered the water in a dignified manner and set of across the bay. And we waited for the-by-now-not-so-illustrious-leader, our R.A., to enter the water. And we waited. Abominator had nearly reached the other side. And we waited. The sun started to dip towards the horizon. And we waited. It finally dawned on us that the R.A. did not intend to swim but preferred to walk around the bay. It took some time before we recovered from the monumental blow the R.A. had dealt us. It must be noted that a few of the other hashers came up with *totally feeble* excuses for not swimming: "I get seasick", "I can't swim", "I've seen Jaws" etc etc but they did not represent the high office of an R.A.

The remaining *Real Viking Hashers* resolutely stripped and jumped into the water, although some preferred to swim in Hash Gear. Wallbanger was given a chance to practice his life saving skills (rumour has it that he is a "Baywatch" fan) as Deamon somehow misunderstood the meaning of swimming and attempted to cross the bay by walking on the bottom. Having made it safely across the open sea, someone suggested a wet T-shirt competition, but this didn't seem to catch on so the pack continued to the ON-INN, the Down-downs and a superb BBQ in the wonderful, warm summer evening.

And after the run Beer Stop, Just Daniel and Foggy rounded of the evening with a pub-crawl through the centre of Bergen where we tried to drown the sad memories of a walking R.A. We were joined by Likk'mm, Eric the Reject and Deamon while the rest of the pack went home or something.
Run entertainment
Excellent, included blood and water sports
Hash Nosh summary
An exotic barbecue and nutritious salad in wonderful surroundings
Run weather
Excellent, warm summer weather
The shameful Non-Swimmers
Yogi, Likk'mm, Mata Hari, Dog Handler, Sexy Lady, Just Terje and Eric the Reject
Down-downsReason for down-downs
Backtracker & Creepy CrawlyThe hares
YogiPrivate party, part 1
Goldilocks, Beer Stop & Foggy GlassesPrivate party, part 2
Dr ButtFor not wearing the Hash Shit with pride
Just Terje & Beer StopTea bag, for having committed the sin of wearing new shoes
Eric the Reject, Man in Black, Deamon, Likk'mm, Goldilocks, Just Terje & Sexy LadyFirst timers with BH3
Just IngvildReturnee
Dog HandlerMr. Terrestrial for not swimming
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