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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #161 - Wednesday 18 August 1999
  • Destination: Fløyen
  • Hares: Wallbanger and Bubbles
  • In the pack: Yogi, Foggy Glasses, Backtracker, Bubba, Beer Stop, Pizzaman, Dog Handler, Creepy Crawly, Kamikaze, Mata Hari, Just Daniel, Just Peter, Just Peter and Just Mari
  • Your scribe: Kamikaze

Let me tell you about the shortest run ever...

As allways it all started at the parking place at Nordnes where soon to be Kaffer Boy (more about that name later) made a fashion statement by turning up in his bright red ambulance suit. First an extensive pre-briefing was held by the two hares at which the Hashers were explained about all the discrepancies they were going to encounter on the coming run, false trails which could be take backs, check and wait which could be a check or visa versa, or unclear marking due to rain showers (everybody knows it never really rains in Bergen) were to be met this run.

After welcumming two new-cummers (Just Peter and Just Mari) and one re-cummer (Bubba) the mob went of towards Fløien following the markings which miraculously appeared during the run. Mechanical transport was taken to the top of this mountain and spirits were still high because the only way to run could be straight down to the centre, or so we thought. However, after having being lured in a multiple ambush of false trails the mob was directed away from the city centre. It was not before then we started to understand that this would be a long Wednesday evening. After having run for miles and miles downhill (which was even a bit too much for Kamikaze) we finally arrived at a "check and wait" viewing the mountain Ulriken. It was here that Mata Hari announced that she personally would be the Hare of the next Killer Hill. On behalf of all the other Hashers I accept the generous offer from Mata Hari. The mob happily went on to Starefossen through the centre of town and finally ending in a pub for a refreshing beer stop. From here it was just a short leap to the ON-INN.

Back at Nordnes (after 1.5 hours running time !!) a circle was formed and new-cummer Mari tea bagged her New Shoes (brave girl) and Down Downs were handed out to the new cummers and Hashers who committed offences such as P.O.T on the Hash. Foggy Glasses was one of the Down Down victims which was presented with a alcohol free beer, which he poured over his head claiming that his body would reject non-alcoholic beer. The session ended with Just Daniel officially receiving his (Scandinavian) Hash-name, namely Kaffer Boy. This name he literally asked for after he murmured "O God I hope they don't call me Kaffer Boy". The run was ended with a great nosh at Bubble's place.
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