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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #163 - Wednesday 1 September 1999
  • Destination: Sandsli
  • Hares: Dog Handler and Mata Hari
  • In the pack: Abominator, Foggy Glasses, Beer Stop, Pizzaman, Creepy Crawly, Bubbles, Kamikaze, Wallbanger, Golden Clipper and Kaffer Boy
  • Your scribe: Creepy Crawly

HHH Prelude

Bergen being a somewhat pluvious city we have come to accept the wet days. However, I remember a time in the not to distant past when the RA managed to provide the BH3 with glorious condition for the HASH run even if it was raining the entire day. I conclude that the current RA is not a Multi-tasker, having to be the hare as well as the RA is just too much to Dog (gone) Handle!!!!!!


Most likely the true BH3 hashers met for pre-hash beer or two at Trappen. What a tough life. The pack found its way to Fana Toget, somewhat late because of the torrential down pour on this Wednesday Hash evening. Surprise, surprise, no females other than the Harriet. I guess that why they are called poofters. A good turn out from the hard core hashers in spite of the weather.

The circle was called and the pre-run task completed: SHIT awarded to Kaffer Boy, Scribe being Creepy.

ON-ON this was called and we were off. Into the heart of Sandsli we went following FRB's, Wallbanger, Abominator, Pizzaman, Dog Handler and Creepy. Finishing off the dirty dozen were, Mata Hari, Bubbles, THE Golden Clipper, Beer Stop, Kamikaze, Foggy Glasses, and Kaffer Boy.

Up and down the hills of Sandsli, through the back streets and alley ways, Check Backs abound. One thing can be said these Hares is that this run was not going to be too short nor too flat. At the top of one of the first hills a serious violation was noted, the Golden Clipper and Kaffer Boy were racing. Note I said on one first hills, on the subsequent ones, these poofters were ascending with toughs hanging and near death. After several check points and false trails we found ourselves off road and into the swamp. Staying on the slippery planks through this terrain was imperative, one false step and swimming skills would have been needed.

Alas!!!! The Beer Stop, the prestigious Edward Greig Hotel. To us, just a basic watering hole to tank up on the SUDS. Nonetheless, a classy joint of which we are grateful to use, particularly on the rain soaked evening. A Hash photo was taken to freeze that moment in time forever and out into dark cold rainy night we went.

What we thought was going to be a bee line for the car park turned out to be the 2nd half of the Marathon. Is the BH3 becoming a running hash? Off the road we found ourselves behind the school more check backs, around the lake and more check backs and finally someone shouted ON-INN.

One last photo was taken with the BH3 showing the skin with pride, everyone except Mata Hari, she has got to get with the program.
Run summary
Rubbish Run, too Short, too Flat, too dry.... Usual stuff
Hash Nosh summary
Foggy a few words please [Ah, yes. As usual Mata Hari had prepared an excellent and excotic meal]
Down-downsReason for down-downs
HaresRubbish Run, too Short, too Flat, too dry.... Usual stuff (An excellent run, HARD, LONG and WET just what the women like!!!)
Kaffer Boy, Wallbanger & Foggy GlassesBasic Poofters of the Day - whining and being wankers
WallbangerHat in the Circle
Foggy Glasses & KamikazeSomething to do with a Floppy Dick! Or was it a floppy disc?
Golden Clipper, Kaffer Boy, Abominator & Creepy CrawlyWhat else - RACING on the Hash
Kaffer BoyHat in the Circle
Dog HandlerFailure to stop the rain
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