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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #165 - Thursday 9 September 1999
  • Destination: Paradis
  • Hares: Pizzaman, Just Peter and Just Bent
  • In the pack: Yogi, Foggy Glasses, Backtracker, Dog Handler, Bubbles, Mata Hari, Golden Clipper and Fuckarewe
  • Your scribe: Backtracker

The BH3 misses no opportunity to arrange a run and have a party; we had planned this special run for a long time. And as it was a special run, we had T-shirts made for the occasion. Several hashers contributed to the T-shirt project. Fuckarewe did the initial design, later to be totally fucked up by Beer Stop, Foggy and Backtracker. These gents, being gamblers by nature, also provided the financing. Beer Stop took it upon himself to be responsible for the practical carrying out of the project and Foggy (who else) did his best to protect the aforementioned gents investments by taking notes on who paid for their T-shirts and, more importantly, who did not..

On to the actual run. As soon as we had all arrived and gathered outside at Pizzamans lofty apartment Dog Handler called a circle. A few words were spoken and Bubbles had to wear the Hash SHIT this time, for having expressed some dissatisfaction with the T-shirts. A couple of pictures were taken, "On-on this way" was called, and the run was under way. The trail took us to Sædalen, and for a while there I thought this was to be yet another unexciting road run. I was soon to be proved wrong as the trail took off down to some Riding Centre and we had to conquer wet and muddy paths littered with horse dung. The markings were at times very dodgy, and we soon lost the track completely. After a lot of searching the hares had to give a hint, and before long merry On-Ons were heard. It wasn't so much a run any more, as we had to climb down steep and slippery hillsides. Mata Hari called for a bilberry-stop, but nobody took any notice. After an endless amount of slipping and sliding down hillsides and more dodgy markings we encountered one of this runs five checkpoints. The trail went on over marshes and soggy fields, along a road and a very steep path. Then, finally, "Drinkstop" was called from a thicket. We had a well-deserved break and enjoyed a couple of (small) glasses of beer. Fuckarewe surprised us all by producing a bottle of whisky; appropriate on a run like this. So some of us enjoyed the break even more. Hash flash did his usual stunt, and all too soon "Check it out" sounded through the dense forest.

Now we had .to climb up a steep and slippery hillside (lots of those in this run) and down through bushes and stinging nettles to a road. However, before long we were once again on a footpath that took us to an "old" stave church, Fantoft Stavkirke, where we made a short photostop. Mata Hari took the opportunity to stretch her weary legs. Bubbles pointed out that on June the sixth 1992 (6th day of the 6th month) this church was set fire to by a known Satanist. (The original church was built in 1150 in Fortun in Sogn and moved to Fantoft in 1883. After the fire it was rebuilt and has been open to the public since the summer of 1997) It was now the 9.9.99 ...

The trail now took us more or less directly towards the starting point and the ON IN. The usual after run ceremonial took place and the pack made their way up to the 6th floor and Pizzaman's apartment.

After we had finished off the nosh Beer Stop joined us, he had attended a first aid course. He impressed us all by emptying a fair amount of beer bottles. Some of us did our best to keep up with him, but to no avail.
Run summary
Not for the faint-hearted. A very enjoyable run
Hash Nosh summary
A pasta/minced meat thing with a salad and bread. Very good!
Down-downsReason for down-downs
The HaresThe dangerous run
Foggy Glasses & BacktrackerFrontrunning!!!
Mata HariFor being the sole Harriet
BubblesNew shoes
Foggy Glasses & BacktrackerTalking to Beer Stop on Foggy's cell phone
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