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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #167 - Wednesday 22 September 1999
  • Destination: Kanadaskogen
  • Hare: Golden Clipper
  • In the pack: Yogi, Abominator, Foggy Glasses, Backtracker, Beer Stop, Pizzaman, Bubbles, Wallbanger, Fuckarewe and Just Peter
  • Your scribe: Wallbanger

This week's run was organised by the Golden Clipperman. The pack was led out of the city and into Suburbia where we parked our cars next to some hospital. The pack consisted of men only so some of us prepared for a hard and competitive race. After finding the trail, the FRBs ran for a whole 200 m before the first checkpoint was found. After a 10 m long checkback, the trail went into the forest where we soon, after approximately 500 m, found an encircled "D". By this, we were all exhausted (ironical) and all were in dire need of some liquid to restore our water balance (even more ironical). The R.A. found an opportunity to have a P.O.T. in front of all the guys and Backtracker lost his cigarettes while stumbling over and spilling the rest of the beer. What an uncivilised crowd! I am not sure whether this rude behaviour was due to the lack of female companionship or just bad upbringing (yet).

The race had now changed character from an outer city race into a forest race, and after wading through marshes and forcing our way through shrubs, we found ourselves inside someone's garden. An old man with a nail cutter was trimming the grass and as we entered, he asked: "Where dost thou think thou art going, sirs?" "We are going yonder, my liege". "Thou will have to think again. Now, please leave my realm" the old man requested. "Of course, sir. " we courtly replied and found an alternative trail. [I seem to recollect a more frank exchange of word: "Get the fuck of my property" "Go and play with yourself in a dark corner" "What's your name, you impudent louse?" "Herr Eichman, you decrepit old gitt" etc. etc., but then I had a lot to drink at the drink stop - Ed.]

After this brief episode, the trail went more or less straightforward through the suburb and back to the parking place. The whole thing had taken one hour, which is a relatively long time (i.e. compared to other things that take shorter time).
Hash Nosh summary
Good old-fashioned "trønder-sodd", both tasty and nutritious
Down-downsReason for down-downs
Golden ClipperFor haring
BacktrackerFor committing the most disgusting crime ever; spilling lots of beer!
AbominatorFor being polite and diplomatic in the interlude as previously mentioned
Foggy GlassesFor not praying (it was raining)
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