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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #169 - Wednesday 6 October 1999
  • Destination: Bergen City Centre
  • Hare: Yogi
  • In the pack: Abominator, Backtracker, Beer Stop, Pizzaman, Wallbanger, Golden Clipper, Fuckarewe, Just Peter, Just Vivienne and Just Bente
  • Your scribe: Just Peter

A poor sinner like me real have some problems I have lost the script from the run, so here is the almost true history.

We all started up at Yogi's place this dark evening, and all hope it will be a very short run, but no.

We started as usual with a circle and the Hash shit, best-dressed Hasher should have their medals.

Golden Clipper got the shit.

? Best dressed Hasher.

And now we have a big big problems the hare was not in the circle he was still out to lay the White spots, so somebody think it must have been Abominator shout ON - ON and the run was started without the Hare.

We follow the spot around Nordnes and down town we have a lot of impromptu cheek and wait, and then we were around buss station and in the Nygårdsparken and finally we came to the drink stop at Bergen Gjestgård. We all, nearly all have our beer but then something terrible happen we discoverer that one Hasher Golden Clipper was lost on the very long track, I say to the others, that I say to the "Clipper Man" at the steps down from the church " now I know where the drink stop is, and I was responding from Clipper Man YEAH FINALLY ", but then " I think Clipper Man have finely got the speed in his shoes and was afraid to stop, and therefor NOT want to have the drink stop" he was running past the drink stop.

ON-OUT was shouted and we all meet outside and was trying to find the track home to Yogi.
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