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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #171 - Wednesday 20 October 1999
  • Destination: Landås
  • Hare: Wallbanger
  • In the pack: Yogi, Abominator, Dr Butt, Foggy Glasses, Backtracker, Bubba, Dog Handler, Creepy Crawly, Bubbles, Mata Hari, Just Peter and Ivan the Terrible
  • Your scribe: Bubba

As usual, we gathered at the car park at Nordnes, but due to a mess caused by a lack of vehicles we started off with a 20 min. delay.

When we came to the location at Mannsverk, the circle was called and Mata Hari was pointed out as the best dressed hasher of the week for her outstanding striped socks. The hash shit went to Abominator for forgetting that the previous run was Pizzaman's farewell run.

It was a chilly, but beautiful evening with a bright shining moon on a clear dark sky.

Wallbanger (our hare) seemed to get very confused several times during the run, because some of the markings were rather invisible in the dark and even he wasn't sure where the right track was.

After a killing bit of the run (it almost killed me) the hash scribe went home - I wasn't too fit. It was a major misjudging of the situation, because as I heard later, I had missed the drink stop - big mistake!

Meanwhile, om my way back to Wallbanger's house, I got lost, so I made it just in time - a few minutes later I could hear the rest of the pack screaming ON-INN! Now everyone was ready to enjoy some nosh, which happened to be delicious, but before that it was time for the down downs and a 100-runs celebration for Foggy. He enjoyed it by sitting on a baking tray filled with ice. The tray was Dr. Butt`s, so what about dinner at her place?

Suddenly, to our big surprise, an angry and aggressivly behaving "bergenser" looked out of a window from a neighbouring block of flats and shouted something reminding of "can't you shut the fuck up?!". Therby he declined some of Foggy's down downs. As a nice group of young sportsmen we are, we shut politely up and went quietly upstairs to the eating site.
Down-downsReason for down-downs
The HareFor too dry, too short and too light run
Foggy GlassesHasn't been winghing for the first time & always last hanging with the harriets
Dr Butt & BacktrackerNot providing the ice
Foggy Glasses100 runs
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