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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #173 - Wednesday 3 November 1999
  • Destination: Nordnes
  • Hare: Bubba
  • In the pack: Yogi, Abominator, Dr Butt, Foggy Glasses, Backtracker, Beer Stop, Dog Handler, Mata Hari, Just Peter and Just Henrik
  • Your scribe: Beer Stop

Well, you've all heard it before.....

The hard core (Foggy, Backtracker (aka Backtracer) and Beer Stop met up at "Trappen", a very recommendable pub for hashers, as they have been doing for several years. After stopping by our local grocery store, buying some real English beers, we suddenly found ourselves outside Bubba's (our hare) home. OK then, Yogi's home as well.

The circle was made, and RA started his shit. It was as follows:

- Best dressed Hasher: Backtracker (aka Backtracer)
- Hash Shit: Just Peter, for lazy conduct as HashScribe, not delivering the Trash
- Beer Stop: Hash Scribe (and a fabulous one he is)

Then the hare got the circle. She boldly announced "Probably some dodgy markings along the trail" What's that? It took us 10 sec. to discover she was right. Everybody was running hereforth and thereforth finding....... NOTHING, I say: NOTHING. Then the hare took charge and said "Here it is, the ON" and pointed at some invisible mark at the ground. And we followed this microscopic markings up Nordnes. For some reason or other Beer Stop was actually humming and singing as he ran on, instead of his usually puffing, wheezing and moaning. So far, my kind of run! So down-town we went (going by Nøstet) After some running the hare called "Checkpoint", some semivisible markings on the ground. We continued running, when suddenly the RA threw his legs in front of yours truly. I almost took a dive like a Boing 747, flown by Foggy on his "fantastic" computer. Thanks to my quick reflexes I made it on my to feet, unharmed.

We ran around in down-town Bergen, getting strange glares from the citizens, especially when Henrik took his finger in some birdshit, tasting it and yelling "ON-ON THIS WAY!!!" Then finally, "DRINK STOP" was yelled, and everybody stumbled in to "Dr. Wiesner Bad". In there we had our beers and Henrik served some grind up intestines, stuffed together to something they call sausage (dried up as well) from meatish animals. Delicious!! In the back, Peter was sitting having his one-man party. RA announced that for the X-mas run, we all should bring sleeping bags, and two first falling asleep, are responsible for Hang-Over run. "ON-OUT" was called and we started running back home. With Just Peter falling on his face all the time, and Yogi jumping in to every puddle he could find (ya all know how kids&puddles interact), it took its time.

Then we were back at the starting point, and we were ready for down-downs.
Hash Nosh summary
Fantastic soup!!
Down-downsReason for down-downs
BubbaMost excellent run (in my eyes at least)
Abominator & YogiFor acting (maybe it's not acting) like gay brothers
Just PeterRIP Just Peter - Welcome Ugly Dick!!
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