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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #174 - Wednesday 10 November 1999
  • Destination: Fjøsanger
  • Hares: Dog Handler and Mata Hari
  • In the pack: Yogi, Abominator, Dr Butt, Foggy Glasses, Backtracker, Bubba, Beer Stop, Three Times, Hot Lips, Ugly Dick, Just Henrik and Just Bill
  • Your scribe: Yogi

We were 12 people who met up at the all too famous car park at Nordnes and there weren't more than two cars as usual , but fortunately the prostitutes weren't paid for so they were left without payment. We crammed 6 people into each car and set of towards REMA 1000 at Fjøsanger.

There the running posse gathered and was now totalling 20 people and set of on a usual marathon run laid by Mata Hari and Dog Handler. Then a thought occurred to me `should we be depriving 3rd world countries of precious food by using edible flower to lay the run?` The trail led us on to Storetveit church and to my knowledge most of the runners (hashers) were shocked and appalled at the kind of language which was uttered at such a holy place "O fuck more stairs- Jesus fucking Christ etc.etc." And after a few more miles there I was running last and what do I see a butt going behind some building maybe for a POT who knows.

And for some reason most people stand and wait for the right way to be found at the checkpoints. There were a few complaints about the lack of a running beer stop to keep up the spirits and energy of a few hashers. But Foggy's complaining stopped at soon as the beer was found and he was lucky enough to be the Camel of the evening. Henrik complained about the new batteries which he had just bought from the second hand shop called Fretex.

The drink stop was held by Solhaug skole (in Lea parken) which turned out to be perfect place to do a count of people wearing leotards or tights and the final number came to a shocking 8. Just Henrik was complaining about the generally bad service of the local second hand shop called FRETEX where he had purchased his batteries for his headlight. We got going again and headed for the car park, where we had the down downs. The circle was started before everybody had made it back, due to shitting on the run. Bubba received some for spillage, Three Times for being miss pathetic there is a trash missing for about 1 year. Abominator and Hot Lips for familiar matters.
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