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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #1740 - Wednesday 27 March 2024
  • Destination: Bergen City Centre
  • Hare: Foggy Glasses
  • In the pack: Comes Every Time, Deep Throat, Mata Hari, Dog Handler, Camp Toilet, Check Me Out, Horse Pegasus, Confusius, A Nutella, Dancing Queen, BBC and Just Kathrine
  • Your scribe: Mata Hari

Easter Run # 1740

The exclusive pack of 13 who made it for the Easter run was in for a treat: gin & tonic as a welcome drink, first double(!) drink stop at a mere 200 meters after the start, a trail across the bridge and into the park, passing by beautiful swans to yet another double (!) drink stop before being treated to the most amazing Indian dinner you could imagine!

Thank you Deep Throat and Foggy Glasses for this glorious evening.

Happy Easter holidays everyone
Mata Hari
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