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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #175 - Wednesday 17 November 1999
  • Destination: Bellevue
  • Hare: Creepy Crawly
  • In the pack: Yogi, Abominator, Dr Butt, Foggy Glasses, Backtracker, Beer Stop, Three Times, Dog Handler, Bubbles, Fuckarewe, Ugly Dick and Just Bill
  • Your scribe: Dog Handler

Well, it was just one of those days, those that come on a rare occasion, when Creepy Crawly sets the trail. You just knew that it had to be a short run - one that hardly takes you anywhere - rather allows for the hard-core packers to tag along... Hence yours truly graciously volunteered scribing, also in the belief that nothing much would happen and as such this would be an easy run to scribe...

Upon arriving at Creepy Crawly's abode, I started searching for the hare or fellow hashers, but none were to be seen (and it was already 1900 hours...). So what does a bold harrier do on such occasions? He tears down the entrance door to the hare's abode and wreaks havoc on the interior as well as Creepy Crawly's mistress Ingvild..... - no, sorry, that was an exert from the "Tales and G(l)ory of RA the Viking Berserker", a highly treasured piece of Norwegian cultural heritage...

No, honestly, I had a chat with mistress Ingvild whilst waiting for all the other wankers to arrive, which they did rather late - the hare among them... The circle was called for, and well-deserved awards handed out:

- Hash Shit: Foggy Glasses, for seriously mismanaging the trash during last week's run
- Best Dressed Hasher: Bubbles, completely new attire from the LAHHH (laughhhhhh)

On On was called for this short run, and off we were. We ran a bit up, a bit down and even all around, but never seemed to get off the ground.... (Advanced poetry there...). In due time we ended below the lower station of the Ulriken cable car, when Bubbles proudly pointed out to his colleague Just Bill: "I know where we are now, we are just below Fløyen!!!" It's amazing our Master Geographer finds his way to the runs (but then again - he's not always there, so....?).

We continued past (and through) two hospitals, ending up eventually running across Nymarksbanen, up into Inddalsveien. Along the trail, ending up eventually running across Nymarksbanen, up into Inddalsveien. Along the trail, Yogi distinguished himself as a pusher - what and to/with whom remains a secret between those involved, however Fuckarewe pointed out very clearly that he was being pushed, and he didn't like the touch of humid wet male hands on his body... (tough luck, what do you think this is - Sunday School?!) Also duly noticed during this part of the run (as the rest, for that matter!) was the very explicit interaction between Three Times and Dr Butt. Such private partying has never been witnessed before - what has this pack become?

Eventually we all ended up at Danmarksplass and a long awaited watering hole: Danmarkskroen. Before even ordering a beer, Backtracker ran off to the bog for a serious piece of SOT (or WOT as the GM freely and loudly speculated). No time for the hare to settle down with the pack, as he had not managed to finalize the trail, and had to be about his business. Live haring from the pub and on in! (Basically poor planning on Creepy Crawly's part, but that's another matter entirely!).

On Down and On On was called, so off we were again. Some hashers were already whinging, as we had been on the road for more than one hour and now had up, up and more up-hill running ahead of us. This is becoming more and more a poof pack, alas! Once again approaching Haukeland sykehus, we discovered that the trail had been crossed!! What is happening to Creepy Crawly? Has he really grown old (Alzheimer light?), or has the strain of fathering a newly born Hash Horror IIIrd finally gotten to him? By the way, what is wrong with the hashers these days? A lot of inter..... has been going on, with the result being a number of potential harriets (Hash Horrors I through III)!! When will we see harriers paving the way (Hash Futures I through ...?). On On with the important business ahead of you all!

Just before reaching Creepy Crawly's abode, the pack finally caught up with the hare, and believe it or not, Beer Stop was the first to reach the ON-INN! The circle was yet again called, and DDs awarded.
Hash Nosh summary
Nosh today was enchiladas, (prepared by Ms Creepy Crawly (and a good number of others..)) very good and a lot of them, so everyone enjoyed themselves. Just to round off a perfect hash evening, Creepy Crawly invited his fellow hashers to a cigar and a snifter of cognac to celebrate his entrance into fatherhood. Congrats!!
Down-downsReason for down-downs
Creepy CrawlyFor an exceptionally short and flat run, with no checkbacks!
Dr Butt & Three TimesFor female intercourse - sorry, female interaction during the entire run!
BubblesAppointed Master Geographer of the BH3 (we are proud to follow Your lead!)
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