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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #177 - Wednesday 1 December 1999
  • Destination: Gyldenpris
  • Hares: Foggy Glasses and Beer Stop
  • In the pack: Abominator, Dr Butt, Backtracker, Bubba, Three Times, Dog Handler, Bubbles, Mata Hari, Fuckarewe, Ugly Dick, Just Vivienne, Just Bill and Just Oddmar
  • Your scribe: Fuckarewe

For run No.177, two of the most eminent hashers in Bergen, Three Times and Fuckarewe showed at the Trappen Pub as someone always should. Sitting there for hours (!) drinking lots of cheap beer, getting very happy, was quite fun. Some sissy-hashers came by, but then left again in a whiff. For the last thirty minutes, Backtracker joined us, just missing the time-operated beer discount in the bar.

It was freezing! The first snow of the winter arrived earlier that day, but still the brave and bold hashers met for the run, some only in their briefs. Bubbles drove some of the hashers to Foggy Glasses' place in his old Opel Rekord with back wheel-drive and all-year tires. Lots of fun - but no new records, mate! Bubba gave the remaining runners a ride in her Volkswagen, but then again -that is a normal car. The pack fucked a forming circle and the R.A. appointed Fuckarewe as the weeks Hash Shit for whining about his e-Mail account getting filled up with trash-mail from his fellow hashers. The Hare, Foggy Glasses and his no alcohol-drinking Co-Hare, Beer stop, shouted ON-ON and the pack was off!

The run was laid in between the settlement of Solheimsviken and was quite dull. Around corners, up stairs, down hills, across the road, and then back again because of the " check-back" or the "false trail" marked on the ground. And we saw A LOT of those! The "Drink Stop" was at the Danmarks-something-Pub on Danmarksplass. Beer is cheap, they let us in and the "live-in" customers give you an interesting study of sociology and anthropology - then they walk back out of there with a broken economy.

As usual the "Drink Stop" was too short, forcing most of the runners to drink their Pints in a hurry (shouldn't be like that!). We went back out on the track, climbing the hills and coppies of Solheimsviken/-siden making our way all up to the top trail, parallelly lined above the upper road of that area. So, actually, we were on the mountain! And in the forest - and we had to go through it! The run ended in a dull way, but the DD's and the nosh kept quality on a higher level.

During the Down-Downs, which where prolonged by some Harriettes who forgot to remove their caps in the circle (several times, actually), was a cold experience. The hagel came on to us in harsh manners, and the Christmas spirit was to be smelled...

...Nope, the smell is Foggy's wonderful journey in to the mysteries of cooking. The nosh was quite tasty, and we were served several times. None ever asked about the ingredients, but a bachelor living by himself, must have some weeks supply of leftovers...

- But still, very tasteful!!!
Down-downsReason for down-downs
Foggy Glasses & Beer StopFor laying an utterly dull run
FuckareweFor flashing his fold-up torch (!)
Dr Butt & Three TimesFor private partying
Three TimesFor wearing a cap in the circle

And on, and on ... It seems the scribe forgot the rest of the down-downs even though the Hare supplied pen and paper! He never noticed that Foggy was given a "next-to-the-skin" down-down in the snow for forgetting the Hash Camera. And he didn't notice either that the R.A. was punished for crappy weather. Plus a few more that got away. Disgraceful!!
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