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Shortcuts to the True Trail

Run #179 - Saturday 11 December 1999
  • Destination: Søreide
  • Hares: Dog Handler and Abominator
  • In the pack: Yogi, Dr Butt, Smokie, Foggy Glasses, Backtracker, Bubba, Beer Stop, Three Times, Creepy Crawly, Mata Hari, Ugly Dick, Fuckarewe, Just Vivienne, Piles and Just Oddmar
  • Your scribe: Creepy Crawly

Xmas Run 99

T'was a fortnight before the day that Old Saint Nick would be making his rounds and the BH3 was having its annual Bash to celebrate his coming. Did some say Coming!!?? The motley crew found is way to Dog Handler & Mata Hari house and were given some proper attire for the occasion; the BH3 XMAS tee shirt was worn proudly by all. After the 4 Rug Rats were put in their cribs, the circle was called and the run would soon begin. But wait, Just Oddmar was found missing. How could we possible begin this epic event without the grace of His Excellency? So we wait, and wait, and wait, and the thirsty pack can wait no longer. The goodie bags were given to all and a photo were taken to freeze this moment in time. Just as we about to give up and start Run No. 179, Just Oddmar comes tooling in on his high-speed bicycle. "I had a flat tire", "I got lost", "I was held up in traffic" (wait you were riding a bike!) What a bunch of lame excuses! "On On this way" was called and we were off.


As luck would have it, the Hares for the event were Dog Handler & Abominator, this was not going to be an easy run. Sure enough down the first hill we go to find our 1st check back, OK up the hill up we go to find our 2nd check back. Where to now but into Mother Nature, (running that is). Up a short hill and we find our 1st "DS" marking. I thought this was a record for the quickest drink stop of the BH3 but I was corrected, Golden Clipper holds this honor. At any rate, all were quite please to pass a bottle of Scotch around the circle. With our hearts warm, the FRBs were ready to sniff out the trail but before the call to Check it Out was given, a song must be sung. Not just any song but the tune that offers many hilarious contortions, Mr. Abrahams. The fun was over and the run was about to take a true form.

Into the mountainous region of Kokstad we went finding several check backs as we ascended this small mountain. After finally reaching the apex, we were not only awarded our second drink stop but also a glorious view of the star filled sky. As a clear sky is only visible on about 30 nights a year, it was quite a sight to see, crystal clear stars in every direction. Many of the hasher tried to recall their astrological knowledge and started naming one or two constellations. The fine Hash Beer was rapidly consumed and a few photos were taken. All were told to reach in their goodie bag and retrieve the Glow in the Dark stick. These were illuminated and down the hill went.

Those trying to maintain dry feet now realized that it was a hopeless case. WAY TO GO HARES!!! Upon leaving the wooded area, we came to the all-important "TS" Check. That is Tree Search. Once all hasher arrived, the search was on and after 10 minutes of searching, the Hares finally gave a clue or two as to the location of this ceremonial pine. Alas, the tree was found and once again we reached into our goodie bags a pulled out the necessary decorations for the BH3 XMAS tree.

The tree was carried with pride by the following hashers.

- First: Iron Man - Creepy Crawly
- Second: Jolly Good - Beer Stop
- Third: Always hungry - Yogi
- Forth: Always happy - Backtracker
- Last: Seldom Seen - Piles

Down through Kokstad we went and heading in the general direction of the party house. Just before the last drink stop, Fuckawee shouted "where the fuck are we" as he stepped off the side of the road and found himself on his back looking up at the stars to determine our location. Lucky for him, he was prepared with the latest hi-tech first aid gear and quickly repaired himself.

While waiting for the pack to arrive at this final check, we began the BH3 illuminated tunnel for the cars passing by. Quite a site for the unexpecting motorist on this crisp cool evening.

Enough already, lets drink and get going. And that's what we did, the second bottle of fine Scotch was rapidly consumed and now finding the trail was next to impossible as we were led across private property. Finally, the main road in, as Smokie could not decide whether to go hi or low, he stood waiting for the true hashers to check it out, Just Oddmar went low and Creepy Crawly went hi. Unlucky for Just Oddmar, going low as he found the last check back of the memorable run. This wanker committed the ultimate short cut and proceeded ON-INN as if the Check Back was not even there.
Hash Nosh summary
A fine assortment of quality foods served with Aquavit and Xmas beer, what more could a BH3 Hasher wish for. Superb!!!
Down-downsReason for down-downs
The HaresRubbish Run, too Short, too Flat, too dry.... Usual stuff (An excellent run, LONG, HARD and WET just what the women like!!!)
All hasherVarious unscrupulous sins
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