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We run in or around Bergen, Norway every Wednesday at 7 p.m. all year round!

If you are looking for a RUNNING-ONLY-CLUB, we might not be quite the ticket - If you are looking for a RUNNING-AND-DRINKING-CLUB, READ ON!

An update on BH3 activities in these coronavirus times
Keep abreast of the latest updates from the local authorities HERE (in Norwegian) or HERE (various languages).
Next BH3 run
Run: #1573
Date: 28 Jul 2021
 Hare: No hare appointed (yet)

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Next BH3 event
Run: #1594
Date: 18 Dec 2021
 Event:  26th Christmas run

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A Hash club is often referred to as 'A Drinking Club with a Running Problem'. We hash once a week, that is to say, we run or walk or crawl, a set course marked by a hare. As this is not a race, competitive running is frowned upon.

If you would like to try hashing in Bergen, please feel free to join us on a run or contact us for more information:

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If the hare does not decide otherwise, the weekly runs start from the hare's abode at 7 p.m. every Wednesday. Check our Yahoo group or 'Join us' page for details.

A typical BH3 run can last up to 2 hours or longer if we have multiple drink-stops. We only lay one trail, which is usually cunningly laid to cater for both walkers and runners.

After the run, the Hare supplies condiments for the circle and provides a light supper for the pack. We no longer have a Beer Master, so on regular runs, Hashers bring their own beer for after-run drinking.


Hashers can choose to pay an annual membership fee of NOK 0, which covers the nosh and booze served at the A.G.M. and Christmas runs in addition to a slightly reduced Killer Hill fee. Hashers who decide not to pay the yearly membership fee, pay extra for the nosh and booze served at A.G.M. and Christmas runs and pay the full Killer Hill fee. Please note that only hashers who have paid the yearly membership fee can vote at the A.G.M. All proceeds go to BH3 and are used to sponsor some of our activities.

The Hare charges NOK 50 to cover any after-run nosh and beer for the circle.

If the hare supplies mobile drink stop(s), a small fee in addition to the nosh fee will be charged. Hashers pay for their own beer at pub drink stops.
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2022 Killer Hill at a glance

The 2021 Killer Hill has been postponed and will be organised in May 2022. Check the Killer Hill pages for more details.

FULLY BOOKED and registration CLOSED!
- 60 Hashers have registered
- Payment info last updated 12 Aug 2020

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